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Baltimore Signsmiths is a high-quality sign maker based in Baltimore, MD. We are committed to working closely with partners to create the best signs for their business and promote their products and services to the widest possible audience.

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    What You Can Expect from Baltimore Signsmiths

    An eye-catching sign is an essential aspect of a successful company’s branding. Businesses looking to take things to the next level often opt for 3D signs, giving their store or venue’s entrance a visually striking element to capture everyone’s attention.

    Baltimore Signsmiths has extensive experience creating 3D signs that pop out of your storefront or head office 3D signs to create a lasting impression on anyone walking by.

    Baltimore Signsmiths works closely with its clients to develop custom three-dimensional signs and lettering that capture the essence of the company’s mission and create outdoor 3D signs that complement its current branding.

    Our services cover the full process of designing and building a custom 3D sign, from the initial consultation and project management to the professional fabrication and efficient installation.

    Our experienced team understands all the uses 3D sign and lettering can have to best represent your company’s values, products, and services.
    Whether you’re looking for something fun and colorful, or a 3D sign with a more sleek and minimalist aesthetic, our designers are here to help create the perfect finished product.

    What Is 3D Sign Lettering?

    If you’re looking for 3D sign lettering near you, then Baltimore Signsmiths can help. We offer our extensive experience working closely with a wide range of businesses to suit your company’s requirements.

    Our three-dimensional letters and signs ensure the company name, logo, or other design of your choice stands out, using a range of styles, depths, and colors.

    Our designers work to enhance the dimensional elements of these signs to their full effect, making the logo pop out of the building’s front and draw in the eye of passersby.

    Choosing the right 3D sign can make the difference between success and failure, and Baltimore Signsmiths understands how to develop the most impactful designs that will set your company apart from the competition.

    How to Contact Baltimore Signsmiths in Baltimore, MD

    If you want to find out more about what Baltimore Signsmiths can do for your business or have any other questions about our custom 3D signs and lettering, you can contact us here for more details.


    Why are 3D signs important?

    We receive a lot of interest in 3D signs from almost every customer. They’re some of the most eye-catching signs you can get, they look contemporary, and they’re completely customizable. If you‘re looking to get your brand and business noticed, 3D signs are some of the most effective ones you can get.

    How are 3D signs made?

    3D signs are, broadly, made of three components:

    1. Sign housing – usually made from shaped and cut metals, such as aluminum and stainless steel.
    2. LED lighting – installed within the sign housing and sealed at the joints to minimize the risk of water damage.
    3. Front fascia – made of clear or colored acrylic, or left open to allow light to pass through.

    What are 3D letters called?

    3D letters are also called ‘dimensional letters’ and/or ‘channel letters.’ All of them are essentially the same family of signs: a 3D sign housing with lighting installed inside it. 3D signs can be hung from the wall, installed flush against the wall, be installed on the roof, or even on the ground.

    What are 3D letters made of?

    Aluminum and stainless steel are some of the most common materials used for the sign housing because they hit the sweet spot between price, weight, and durability. Illuminated 3D letters also include LED lighting strips, installed inside the sign, and mounting brackets on the rear of the sign.

    How do you make a 3D letter?

    The first step in making 3D letters is getting the design right; once you approve the design, our team starts cutting and preparing sheet metal for the design. We weld and screw metal components together to make the housing and install LED lighting inside it. Finally, we seal the joints with sealants to minimize the absorption of water.

    What size should 3D letters be?

    Make your 3D letters as large as they can be, without them looking awkward for the space. Outdoor 3D letters should be a minimum of 1’ x 0.5’ to be visible from a distance (adding lighting helps, too). Indoor letters can be smaller because people will likely be closer to them.

    If you’re not sure how large your 3D letters should be, talk to a signage expert on our team.

    How long do 3D signs last?

    Expect your 3D signs to last anywhere from 7 to 15 or more years, with a little bit of maintenance. That said, the conditions in which the sign is installed in will impact how long it lasts. Things like regular servicing and checks to ensure the sign is operating normally can prolong its lifespan.

    How do you add 3D letters on a storefront sign?

    It’s generally inadvisable adding 3D letters to an existing storefront sign, unless it matches the style of the existing sign. If your storefront sign is over 5 years old, consider replacing it with new 3D letters; the new sign can help you generate revenue, and the efficient lighting can save you hundreds in energy bills every year.

    Where can 3D signs be used?

    3D signs are used indoors as lobby signs and as decorative signs in businesses across Baltimore. They’re particularly popular with boutiques and brands looking to present an upscale appearance. Outdoor 3D signs are used as storefront signs, and are some of the most attention-grabbing ones you can find for your business.

    Where I can get the best 3D signs in Baltimore, MD?

    You will find the best 3D signs in Baltimore, MD right here at Baltimore Signsmiths. You’ll work with an experienced, creative team that designs, installs, and maintains 3D signs for all types of businesses. Talk to us today about the type of sign you’re looking for and how much it will cost.

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