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February 3, 2022

5 Ways Wall Decals and Murals Help You Stand Out

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Is your office or meeting room dismal or boring, and you find yourself nodding off to sleep when you should be working? If so, you will be interested in creating accent walls with Baltimore Signsmiths' wall decals and wall murals. You can change the look and feel of your business lobby and front desk area or create a cozy nook in your retail boutique. Here are five ways wall decals and murals can help your business leave a lasting impression.

1. Brighten Up a Plain Front Lobby

If you want to make your front-facing lobby display your company culture, you can change the entire look of the room with custom wall decals featuring your company's logo in your custom colors. Or

just add some edgy excitement to the wall behind your front desk, so customers see it right when they walk in. Create word art, show off your products, or just add a full wall decal of Baltimore's sights.

2. Show Off Your Company's History with Custom Wall Murals

You can use our wall murals to display your company's unique history in the hallways and waiting rooms in your commercial building. You can work with Baltimore Signsmiths to design custom wall murals to tell your story through artwork. Everyone will admire the professionalism and beauty while learning more about your business at the same time.

3. Vinyl Wall Decals Add Ambiance to Your Showroom

Wall decals are perfect for a product showroom where you meet clients to finalize your orders. Whether you own a retail store or handle sales for big corporations, creating a vinyl decal to enhance the room will add any kind of ambiance you want. Your decal can be an abstract design, a garden setting, or scenes from around the world. You can customize vinyl wall decals to encourage customers to imagine your products in their homes or offices.

4. Create an Upscale Area for Employees to Work In

Add vibrant beauty to your breakroom or create a calm workplace with custom wall murals. No more dull walls painted in white or gray. Design wall murals to showcase employee awards, show the company flow chart, or just set the mood. If you are in a high-stress business, calming artwork or nature scenes will help dispel stress. If your staff has a lot of tedious work to do every day, adding bright colors and unique designs can help keep them focused.

5. Add Seasonal Decorations Without Breaking the Bank

Buying seasonal decorations for your office can be expensive. Especially if you have to spend time putting them up and taking them down yourself. Better use of your time is working on your core business. Why not design a custom wall decal for your holiday greetings to clients? Baltimore Signsmiths can make it and then install it for you - no muss, no fuss. And you can donate your old holiday decorations to a worthy charity.

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