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December 19, 2023

Choosing the Right Outdoor Building Signs

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Signs for buildings are a critical business investment. These signs put your business on customers’ radars, making them aware of your location, as well as the products and services you provide. Whether you need an imaginative storefront sign or want to outfit your large facility with multiple signs for 360-degree visibility, selecting the right sign for your business is essential.

This guide pinpoints the key factors to consider when choosing a sign. Contact your local custom sign maker to learn more about the different types of signs for buildings available.

Consider Local Traffic

When choosing exterior building signs, one crucial aspect to consider is the foot and vehicle traffic near your business. If your storefront is in a busy commercial district that draws many pedestrians, hanging building signs installed over a sidewalk could direct this traffic into your business.

Suppose your building is located in an industrial area or near a highway. In that case, your best option is a larger-than-life building sign in the form of channel or dimensional letters that attract drivers' attention from afar.

Analyzing these patterns and identifying where your customers are coming from can help you determine the ideal sign for your business. A professional sign company will also use this information to provide their expert recommendation on the type of sign and the installation location that is best suited to your needs.

Determine if Illumination is Needed

Lighted building signs provide multiple benefits to businesses; they efficiently attract new customers, give your location 24-hour visibility, and assist with wayfinding at night or in harsh weather conditions. Choose these signs if you need a competitive edge to stand out in crowded commercial areas. They are also essential for businesses and services that operate at night.

Even though illuminated LED signs are valuable investments, they might not suit your business's needs. If your company primarily operates during the day and is incredibly visible to customers, a non-illuminated sign would be a better fit. Ultimately, selecting the right building sign depends on your business needs and goals.

Define Your Brand’s Image

Commercial signs for buildings are critical to enhance your business’s visibility, provide wayfinding to customers, and spread awareness about your business. They are also powerful branding tools used to cultivate your professional image.

When choosing signs for buildings, work with a sign company to find the type of sign that aligns with your branding. Every signage product creates a distinctive look for your business, from bold cabinet signs to sleek dimensional letters. Designs can be customized with your current branding elements, and depending on the type of sign you choose, different aspects of your branding will be amplified and communicated to customers.

Contact Baltimore Signsmiths for Building Signs

Building signs in Baltimore, MD, are an innovative way to enhance your business’s exterior, grow your customer base, and solidify your branding. Our team of experts can handle any custom project and will guide you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation to the final installation.

Give us a call to discover the possibilities of building signs.

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