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Custom Construction Signs in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Signsmiths provides high visibility signs to protect workers and the public on your job site. Whether you own a construction company or commercial property, personalized signs warn pedestrians and drivers when you're building is undergoing construction. Find out more about how the right signage can help you manage your construction projects in Baltimore, MD.

What Are Construction Signs?

Construction signs serve as a warning to keep individuals out of the work area. They also identify hazards and help keep workers safe by alerting them to potential dangers. Our designers will create bespoke signage for your temporary or permanent construction needs.

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    Common Uses for Construction Signs in Baltimore, MD

    Construction signs identify coming improvements and the services offered by your building company. In addition, they remind passersby that they can contact you if they need help with construction jobs. Here are some common types of construction signs:

    • Lane Ending/Closed Signs: We can create beautiful signage to direct traffic to open lanes and notify drivers of work in progress on closed lanes.
    • Construction Ahead Signs: Vivid signs with clear fonts inform bystanders of any potential hazards and keep them safe from harm.
    • Yield Signs: Yellow and black yield signs alert drivers when they must yield to oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and construction teams.
    • Stop Signs: Stop signs are essential when directing traffic around work areas or on low-speed roads, school zones, and parking lots.
    • Danger Area Signs: Danger area signs warn workers that an area is not safe for them. Workers are more likely to take safety precautions if they know the area they are entering is dangerous.

    Custom construction signs serve an essential function on any building site. They act as a buffer between construction zones and public areas. Many companies use metal signs that are durable, weather-resistant, and look great.

    Who Needs Construction Signs?

    Construction signs are required by OSHA and state agencies to ensure safety on a construction site. OSHA requires that all workers on a construction site be aware of any potential hazards in their work environment, whether they are walking through a work zone or working in a stationary position. It includes construction workers and employees who may visit the construction site to perform other tasks.

    In addition, OSHA requires construction signs that warn of potential hazards present on a worksite. That enables workers to identify risks and precautions they need to take to avoid injury. The signs also provide other details about the work zone, including who to contact for additional information.

    Custom Construction Signs

    If you need signs for your construction, remodeling, or building project, Baltimore Signsmiths can provide you with the best option for your needs. We work with all types of construction teams, including remodeling, demolition, and new construction. All our signs are custom-made to your exact specifications.

    The Baltimore Signsmiths team creates signs for construction projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial sites. If you have any questions about our signage or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today for a free consultation in Baltimore, MD.

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