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Custom decals are incredibly versatile marketing tools that you can use to maximize available spaces or structures in your establishment. There are many creative, profitable uses for decals in your brick-and-mortar facility, from providing wayfinding information to narrating your brand’s history.

Printed decals are easy to install and remove, making them excellent for regularly updating your décor depending on the season, festivity, or promotion. Despite this, they are still long-lasting and highly resistant to scratches, fading, and other damages caused by the weather, if you’re looking for a more permanent fixture.

To learn more about the cost of decals in Baltimore, get in touch with us today. 

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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Best Types of Decals for Your Baltimore-Based Business

    • Window decals: Did you know that the storefront is one of the best advertising areas in your facility? Don’t miss the opportunity to utilize it to its fullest potential. You can showcase your latest product releases, ongoing promotions, signature services, and even seasonal décor through custom graphics on your windows. 
    • Vinyl murals: Did you know that you can effortlessly transform your Baltimore space overnight through vinyl signs on your wall? Say goodbye to applying several layers of paint and waiting for the entire thing to dry. Our professional installers here at Baltimore Signsmiths can complete the custom project efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the signage.   
    • Wall decals: A subtle way to update or add some touches of branding in your Baltimore facility is by having vinyl decals for walls. You can also use them to boost employee morale by featuring motivational quotes and company policies. What’s great about removable decals is that they can be replaced with ease when needed, especially when you have events or promotional activities. 
    • Floor decals: These non-intrusive advertising tools are perfect for reinforcing your brand, reminding customers about social distancing, and guiding them to different areas in your establishment. Depending on your marketing and business goals, we can install your custom vinyl graphics inside or outside the facility. 
    • Vinyl vehicle wraps: Reach more of your Baltimore-based target audience in a short amount of time through vinyl graphics and wraps on cars. These visual communication tools convert ordinary vehicles into mobile billboards that promote your products and services. They are surprisingly weather-resistant and long-lasting, enabling you to maximize their usage for many years. 
    • Vinyl window films: These unique custom decals are typically installed at law firms, medical clinics, spas, and similar establishments where employees and clients value privacy and professionalism. 
    • Vehicle decals: Custom stickers for sedans, buses, trailers, and other vehicles are perfect for featuring your most important business details, such as your address and store hours. They can also signify that the company officially owns the car and that the people aboard are legitimate representatives of the business. 

    Your Trusted Vinyl Decals Printing Company in Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore Signsmiths is not your average decal sign shop. As industry experts, we are committed to creating high-quality, full-color, long-lasting signage products that add value to your business. We don’t have a standard or generic format for the vinyl decals we produce. We always design, manufacture, and install custom decals that suit your specific needs and expectations. Do you want to extend the lifespan of your custom graphics? Our repair and maintenance specialists will take care of that as well. 

    High-Quality Decals Made in Baltimore, MD

    We utilize top-of-the-line equipment and premium-grade materials to develop the best custom decals in Baltimore. Our designs are strategically made to bring your brand’s best foot forward while complementing your interior and exterior design and successfully communicating your message.  

    Are you ready to work with a reliable Baltimore graphics company? Talk to us today to get started. 


    What are the differences between stickers and decals?

    Here are the three biggest differences between stickers and decals:

    1. Stickers are usually made of paper. Decals are made of vinyl.
    2. Stickers can be peeled off easily and don’t last long.Decals are long-lasting and can be used for years.
    3. Decals can be completely customized with your design and desired shape.

    How do you apply custom decals?

    Custom decals can be installed in a couple of ways, depending on their size. Smaller decals come with adhesives pre-applied, meaning you can paste them like you would any other sticker. For large decals, a paint-safe adhesive is applied to the wall first then the decal is installed.

    Is a decal just a sticker?

    Not at all! Think of decals as the stronger, smarter cousins of stickers. Decals are made of vinyl, meaning they’re durable and completely customized. The only commonality between decals and stickers is that decals can be installed just as easily; simply peel of the protective backing and paste the decal where you want.

    What's the difference between vinyl and a decal?

    That’s a little bit like asking what’s the difference between a recipe and the chilli you made from it! Vinyl is the material decals are made out of: we print the design on the vinyl sheet, cut it to the desired shape, and it’s ready to install. Vinyl decals typically have adhesives pre-applied, meaning you can paste the decal within minutes.

    How does a decal work?

    Think of a decal as a sticker that’s customized with your brand and messaging. We print your design, cut it to the shape you want, and ship them to you. You can use decals as giveaways, paste them on shipping boxes to personalize them, use them as window decals, and wall decals.

    Can you get custom decals made?

    Absolutely, custom decals are some of the most customizable and inexpensive ways to spread the word about your business. It’s why some of our customers order them in the hundreds and/or thousands. Start by sending us your design or tell us to create some for you; we can print and ship signs within just a few days.

    How much does it cost to put decals on a car?

    Installing decals on a car is one of the most inexpensive ways to personalize your vehicle with your business’s branding. Small decals can cost as little as $19.99, while whole body wraps can cost around $2,000. Unless you go for very specialized decals, they’ll always cost a lot less than a cheap paint job.

    Can you make custom decals?

    Customized decals are a specialty of ours! Our team works with Baltimore businesses like yours to create personalized designs and print custom decals. We will help you customize every aspect of the decal, from its shape, size, style, and more. You will work with a creative team that loves to create stunning designs and make spaces pop!

    Are decals removable?

    Decals are easily removable and don’t leave behind unsightly marks on the surface when you do take them off. Here’s how you can remove your decals:

    • Use a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the glue.
    • Pry one edge of the decal gently.
    • Slowly peel the decal off.

    Avoid using sharp tools because they are more likely to damage the underlying surface.

    Are vinyl decals removable?

    Oh yes, vinyl decals can be removed without a lot of effort (though they won’t peel as easily as stickers). To remove vinyl decals, start by heating the decal. This will soften the glue and make the decal easier to pry. Then, lift one edge of the decal, and gradually peel it off.

    If you aren’t confident about removing your decals, our team may be able to help.

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