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Few things convey a total message more effectively than attention-getting electronic signs. A drive around town to look at electronic signs near you will reveal a myriad of uses from announcing events, sales, happy hours, and business anniversaries. Interior electronic signs will be menu boards or be used to thank customers for their business.

The advantage of electronic signs is instant customization. If you have a message that needs to get out there now, it’s easy to do, and the signs are more straightforward to customize than ever before.

What Are Electronic Signs?

If you look at electronic signs in Baltimore, MD, you’ll notice that they are much brighter and more vibrant than such signs were even just ten years ago. Electronic signs for businesses can be referred to as digital billboards and are high-contrast LED displays that last 20 to 25 times longer than older technologies. LEDs can emit over a trillion colors, resulting in easy-to-read text and eye-capturing HD graphics.

Digital signs can range from the very basic, intended for text only, to the massive, multimillion-dollar signs in Times Square. They can be easily seen at a block or more, with larger signs having a longer viewing distance.

There is an electronic sign for every business need and budget. It can convey the ever-changing messages and announcements of your business.

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    Uses for Electronic Sign

    Indoor and outdoor electronic signs can increase sales, reduce a perceived wait time, or announce new company initiatives. The use of electronic signs in Baltimore, MD can include such things as:

    • Display store hours
    • Announce daily specials or display menu items
    • Make your company name and logo stand out
    • Announce sales
    • Share events
    • Announce retirements or charitable involvement
    • Display wait times
    • Display holiday messages
    • Announce company awards and recognition
    • Make fun or witty statements to capture the eyeballs

    Baltimore Custom Electronic Signs

    Businesses looking for an electronic signs shop in Baltimore, MD turn to Baltimore Signsmiths first. Experts in business signage, our team finds out the messages a company wants to broadcast or the image they want to impress upon customers and then implement. It’s not enough to sell an electronic sign. The best electronic signs shop in Baltimore, MD goes beyond and shows their clients how to leverage their new sign for the best results.

    An electronic sign can offer you flexibility and an eye-catching medium that ensures your brand pops. Our expert team will assess your needs and find the match that fits your business. Contact Baltimore Signsmiths today for a consultation.


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