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What are wayfinding signs? Do your customers, students, or visitors have to navigate a maze of corridors or trek across a large campus? Then you should invest in wayfinding signs for your business. Baltimore Signsmiths provides solutions for wayfinding problems. These business signs will help make your business facility more accessible. Our wayfinding experts use the perfect signs and graphic solutions to help your customers find the right office or store location.

Attractive wayfinding signs are important for helping people to find their way in housing developments, retail stores, shopping centers, and office buildings. You can guide your visitors with wayfinding and directional signs. Architectural signs and dimensional letters to make your signage stand out. Also, directories, colorful maps, and pictograms can help clients get to the right place.

Types of Wayfinding Signs

Personalized wayfinding signage can help you organize different departments in your store. The uses for wayfinding signs include the following:

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    • Identification. Identification door signs tell a person where they currently stand by pointing out certain landmarks and structures. So, this type of sign helps visitors to know where they are, and then they can move ahead. You can use identification signs by incorporating helpful images and messaging.
    • Directional. Directional signs help people get where they want to go. For example, these signs lead people to an entrance or an exit. Also, the directional wayfinding signs are used to direct people to the appropriate parking area. They are typically used at junctions or somewhere where people might look for directions. Other common examples are the colored lines on the floor and directory signage in offices.
    • Informational. These signs are less about going towards a place than supplementing the trip with important information along the way. Informational signs include ADA wayfinding signs that are used in lobbies, building entrances, atriums, and waiting rooms. Furthermore, they should answer the questions of people before they ask, and it should be universally understandable.
    • Regulatory. Regulatory signs tell users or visitors about requirements and regulations that are in place. These signs are generally big and bold, with a clear, concise, and prominent message, such as “Caution! Or “Restricted area.” You can use regulatory signs to remind visitors to use face shields and hearing protection. Regulatory signs should be used wherever needed and leave no room for ambiguity. This is a great use of custom wayfinding signs.

    If you are looking for wayfinding signs for your facility, Baltimore Signsmiths will help users by communicating important messages with the best interior wayfinding signs. We also offer custom directional signs and navigation signs for your establishment. Simply contact us if you want the best interior wayfinding signs in Baltimore.

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