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February 8, 2022

Enhancing Customer Experience with Lobby Signs

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What impression does your lobby have on your employees, customers, or business partners? When they open the door or step off an elevator, do they see four walls and some plants? If so, is that the image you want people to have of your company? Placing a sign in your office lobby not only sets your business apart but also communicates who you are.

Office lobby signs can inform visitors. They can provide directions or highlight policies. A paper sign with an arrow taped to a wall looks unprofessional. Cardboard signs, while less flimsy, convey a "whatever" attitude towards visitors. No business wants to transmit an image that minimizes a customer's experience.

Custom Lobby Signs

Custom interior signs are an excellent way to communicate with customers. They can communicate needed information in a clear and thoughtful manner. Interior signs with a company name or logo can reflect the corporate culture. At Baltimore Signsmiths, our signage options range from acrylic signs to wall murals. If a sign needs illumination, backlighting is an excellent way to draw attention while providing an inviting glow.

Acrylic Lobby Signs

The versatility of acrylic signs makes them an excellent choice to convey a brand or a message. Clear acrylic provides a shatter-free glass-like appearance. By frosting the sign, companies can reduce glare and increase privacy. Graphics or lettering can be printed on the front or back of an acrylic sign. Surface printing on the front of the sign gives an acrylic sign a matte finish, while subsurface delivers a glossy finish as the design is mirror-printed on the back of the acrylic. Customers will appreciate the clear communications of a custom acrylic sign.

Metal Lobby Signs

Metal signs give a more industrial feel to a lobby. Metal options range from lightweight aluminum to heavy-duty yet moldable, Dibond.

  • Aluminum signs. Aluminum is an inexpensive solution for a metal sign that is lightweight and versatile. An aluminum office lobby sign delivers a custom feel to any sign. Because of aluminum's flexibility, these interior signs can make a statement in any lobby.
  • Dibond signs. Dibond is a heavy-duty material that can be custom-cut to match a brand or make a statement. The metal can be molded into 3D structures with laser-cut or engraved lettering. These signs communicate a sense of creativity to customers.
  • Alumalite signs. These signs use heavy-duty metal letters for business names, directional signs, or messaging.
  • Stainless steel signs. Stainless steel is timeless with its clean, sleek surfaces. With a protective coating, the life of a stainless steel sign can be extended

Metal signs can be brushed or polished to create the perfect image for a corporate lobby.

Dimensional Letters

Lettering provides a simple but powerful statement in custom lobby signs. Three-dimensional letters are cut from acrylic sheets to provide a striking image, especially if backlighting is used. Metal and wood letters can also be 3D. Wood letters provide a warm and welcoming feel to any interior, while metal can establish a modern, industrial feel to a lobby. High-density-urethane (HDU) foam can mimic wood while providing the flexibility of custom shapes. Given the range of materials, no two business signs should look the same.

Decals and Vinyl Alternatives

Wall cutouts and decals can be used to create lobby signage. Murals can be designed to integrate company names and logos for an inclusive feel. Block-cut vinyl comes in an array of finishes and textures for adding dimension to a lobby wall. These vinyl adhesives can add a little whimsy to an office lobby, making visitors feel a little more at home.

Baltimore Signsmiths

Lobby signs set the tone for customer experiences. Whether it is an industrial or innovative atmosphere, our team of experts works with you to find the best solution. We have the materials and methods to turn your vision into reality. Why not contact us today?

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