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Accessibility is one way of creating a comfortable space for all your customers. This can lead to a positive customer experience that benefits your Baltimore business. Not only that, making sure your business is accessible lets you comply with ADA standards.

For this reason, every business should invest in ADA signage in Baltimore.

What is an ADA Sign?

ADA signs are indoor and outdoor signs that are necessary for every Baltimore business. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), businesses are required to include ADA-compliant signs within their establishment.

There are specific design elements that need to be included to adhere to ADA guidelines. This is where an experienced sign maker like Baltimore Signsmiths can help.

Our team is well-versed with ADA standards and can help you with all compliance details. We design signs with braille, raised letters, and more.

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    Types of ADA Signs

    Wayfinding & Identification ADA Signs

    These signs keep the traffic flow in and around your space more organized. These help all customers find their way around easily through easy-to-understand language and graphics.

    These also include identification signs for permanent rooms or spaces.

    ADA Braille Signs

    Signs for public spaces and permanent areas are required to include braille characters. This allows visually impaired customers to freely and safely find their way around. According to ADA guidelines, signs need to use grade II braille.

    ADA Bathroom Signs

    These are helpful identification signs for your store or office bathrooms. Based on ADA rules, these signs should include:

    • Grade II braille signs
    • Raised tactile characters
    • Universal pictograms with written descriptions (also in braille)

    Uses of ADA Signs

    Whichever industry you are in, being compliant with ADA rules is a must. This lets you follow the law while creating an accessible space for all your customers in Baltimore.

    Since it is the law, there are regular inspections conducted to ensure businesses remain compliant. Not having accessible signage can result in penalties and liabilities on your part.

    Custom ADA signs are used to make it easier for customers and visitors to navigate your space. Not only that, but they also provide a unique opportunity to increase your customer base. When people with disabilities feel comfortable in your space, they are more likely to spread the word about your business.

    ADA custom braille signs are used for:

    • Reception and lobby spaces
    • Elevators and stairwells
    • Office door signs for conference rooms, boardrooms, and more
    • Hotel/apartment doors
    • Food courts and other public common areas

    The Right ADA Signs Near You

    Our team at Baltimore Signsmiths understands the importance of complying with ADA guidelines. As such, we work with care and efficiency to ensure all your signs meet the standards of ADA signs.

    Our Baltimore sign experts always aim to create signs that are both compliant and reflect your brand. Have questions about the different designs and cost of ADA signs? Contact 443-205-1205 and receive a free consultation with our specialists.

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