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This signage is essential for customers and employees and is a visible representation of the company's quality. ADA bathroom signs, which include custom braille signage, are required by law.

Bathroom signs include signs designating a restroom all the way to hand washing signs, baby changing station signs, and even directional signs. Each makes a statement beyond its functionality. Everything from the sign medium, its consideration of the customer, and even the statement the hand washing sign makes convey an impression that adds to your business' perceived value.

Types of Bathroom Signs in Baltimore, MD

Bathroom signs serve many purposes that you might not have even considered. Those include:

  • Men's and women's restroom signs
  • ADA bathroom signs
  • Bathroom directional signs
  • Office door bathroom signage
  • Bathroom name plates
  • Toilet wayfinding signs
  • Restroom occupied signs
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    The Look of Bathroom Signs

    When a business wants to convey quality and trust, every detail matters, bathroom signs are another opportunity to tell customers that you're great. Bathroom name plates can provide a look beyond cheap plastic using brushed metal bathroom signs or custom-shaped, frosted acrylics. Even wood, ADA signs are an elegant solution that fits certain businesses.

    A sophisticated sign with depth and a quality design can make all the difference.

    More Than Just Another Sign

    Companies in Baltimore, MD, turn to experts to best represent their business with the proper signage. Even a detail that might seem so minute to a business owner is deserving of a look-over by an industry expert. As part of a signage consultation, professionals will look at exterior signage, lobby displays, hallway signs, and even restroom signage. A theme will carry through an entire office or retail location that tells customers your business is thoughtful in all things and worth what they pay.

    Baltimore Signsmiths is in the business of serving the signage needs of Baltimore businesses. We are a trusted choice that expertly meets the needs of area businesses and provides professional, expert services from initial consultation through to hanging that last sign by the bathroom door. Regardless of shape, size, design, or function, we can help and create a look that reaffirms your excellent brand.

    Bathroom signs are essential. A total look that carries through a business down to the "Please Wash Your Hands" sign reaffirms who you are to your customers. Whether your needs are new bathroom signs are total signage solution, contact us today. Our team is ready to help.

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