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Creating a positive customer experience is essential for any Baltimore business. There are plenty of ways to do this, especially with door signs from Baltimore signsmiths in Baltimore, MD.

A simple yet effective way to make each visit more convenient is through clear room identifiers. This can be done through custom door signs. 

What is a Door Sign?

Office door signs provide important details about a room or space. This can be in the form of:

  • Room number
  • Room function
  • Name of the person occupying the space
  • Name of department

In a multi-tenant building in Baltimore, door signs identify the office or business customers are walking into. They introduce your business to clients and visitors. It is a great way to create a good first impression.

Looking for a custom door sign maker? Baltimore Signsmiths can help! We deliver durable, long-lasting custom signs or custom door signs for your office or store needs. Learn more about our product offerings by calling 443-205-1205 today.

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    Types of Door Signs

    Interior door signs are available in a variety of options. Here are popular choices for Baltimore businesses:

    1. Engraved Door Signs – These are usually used for nameplates. Made of acrylic or metal, this gives a classy and professional look to your office signs.
    2. Changeable Office Door Signs - used for rooms intended for temporary use. The changeable inserts let you easily change labels whenever needed.
    3. Sliding Business Door Signs – These have a sliding feature that can indicate certain messages. This can say if the room is occupied or vacant if the doctor is in or out, and the like.
    4. Vinyl Door Signs – Door signs made out of vinyl adhesives. These are usually applied to the door itself, perfect for glass doors.
    5. Hanging Door Signs – signs that are hung from the doorknob or attached to a glass door. A common example is open/close door signs.

    Uses For Door Signs

    Among the different office signs, door signs are often overlooked. However, these help your business in more ways than one. Their different functions make the cost of door signs worthwhile.

    1. Room Identification: This is the most common use for door signs. They give clear information about the room you are entering. This makes sure customers are right where they should be.Door signs also indicate the location of specific common areas inside your space. This includes:
        • Conference rooms
        • Break rooms
        • Restrooms
    2. Wayfinding: Wayfinding is an essential office sign. Door signs as wayfinding tools help customers find the room or office they need to go to more efficiently. Instead of getting confused or second-guessing, clear signs let them know instantly that they are entering the right place.

      This makes each visit more convenient and efficient.

    3. Safety Signs: Door signs also help ensure the safety of each person within your space. Having proper room labels lets people know if they need to take caution before entering.

      Baltimore facilities handling hazardous materials or dangerous equipment should have a word of warning on their doors. Vinyl door graphics can prevent any unauthorized person from going inside a room that is unsafe without proper equipment.


    High-Quality Custom Door Signs Makers 

    Are you looking for high-quality office door signs in Baltimore, MD? Baltimore Signsmiths is your top choice when it comes to effective sign solutions for your business. Our wide range of options is sure to fulfill your business requirements.

    Let us help put your customers at ease when visiting your business! Create a positive customer experience through an effective sign system today. Whether you need home office door signs or a complete set of signs for your building, we can help!

    Give us a call today at 443-205-1205 and get a free quote on your door sign needs


    What is a door sign?
    These are signs installed on doors that help visitors navigate the building, advertise products and services, and offer information about the establishment. There are several types of signs, including name plates, LED signs, acrylic signs, door numbers, and more. You can even get signs with changeable sign faces, allowing you to change the sign at a moment’s notice.
    What do you call a sign on a door?
    Signs on doors go by many names, such as room numbers, nameplates, ‘OPEN’ and ‘CLOSED’ signs, ADA signs, and more. Essentially, they’re called whatever people want to use them for. Don’t worry if you don’t know what sign you’re looking for—talk to us, and we’ll help you find the right door signs.
    How do you make a door sign?
    Our customers expect premium signs at competitive prices—so how do we do it? We use high-quality, durable materials such as acrylic, wood, and metal. An expert team creates branded designs that match your space.
    What is a good size for a door sign?
    The size of signs depends on where you plan to install them, what function they’re going to serve, and their design. It’s best to make advertising and promotional signs as large as you can for maximum visibility. For other office signs, such as bathroom signs and nameplates, we advise keeping signs a minimum of 4” x 4”.
    What should I hang outside my front door?
    At a minimum, you should hang an ‘OPEN’ and ‘CLOSED’ sign, which tells customers whether your business is open or not. An ‘HOURS’ (of operation) sign offers great utility too and is especially important if you receive visitors on an unfixed schedule. Finally, consider hanging signs or flags that will catch the attention of passersby.
    How much does a "do not disturb" sign cost?

    Our signs are custom-made and will vary based on several factors like sizing, materials, and the number of signs needed. Be sure to contact us for a free quote on your upcoming signage project.

    Why is it important to use door signs in a hotel?
    Without door signs, no guests would be able to make it to their room without assistance. Door signs are also important for marking certain event halls, office spaces, or restrooms.
    How big is a door hanger sign?

    Door hanger signs start at 12” x 24,” and you can choose from a variety of template sizes. For oversized or undersized signs, talk to us. We can custom-make any type of door hanging sign. Choose from a standard rectangular shape, or create shapes that match your branding and make your entrance stand out.

    How can I make my front door more attractive?
    There are a couple of things you can do to make your business’s front door more attractive:
    1. Ensure the basics are accounted for – Show opening hours, have an ‘OPEN’ sign, and have a clear address nameplate.
    2. Advertise efficiently– Use window decals and other types of signs to enhance your front door and attract motorists and pedestrians.

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