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Baltimore businesses wanting to add graphics to their space usually choose their walls or windows. However, there is an unused yet valuable marketing space in your facility. Since people usually look down while walking, adding vinyl floor signs is a great way to catch their attention and interest.

Here at Baltimore Signsmiths, we offer high-quality custom floor graphics for your business needs. This lets you add signs, imagery, and advertising to your indoor and outdoor floor spaces. Improve your marketing strategy and contact 443-205-1205 today!

What are Floor Graphics?

Floor graphics are vinyl graphics you can add to your floor spaces. These are made of durable vinyl material that is dustproof and water-resistant. This type of durable vinyl is slip-resistant and can be used even for high foot traffic areas.

Custom floor graphics are a creative way to send a message to your customers. Well-designed decals easily get noticed, making it a unique and effective tool. Made of printed vinyl, you have endless possibilities to design your sign.

Businesses with wide floors can use graphics as a visual feature for their customers. The right design can create a bold and memorable statement, keeping you top of mind in Baltimore.

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    Types of Floor Graphics

    Floor graphics or custom floor signs are versatile sign options with countless design possibilities. We can create custom designs to fulfill your business needs. Floor decals can also be cut and formed in various shapes and sizes. Here are some examples for your business:

    1. Branding signs
    2. Directional or wayfinding arrows
    3. Promotional graphics
    4. Seasonal signs
    5. Room identification signs
    6. Social distancing floor decals 
    7. Hazard signs
    8. Floor decoration decals

    Not seeing the sign you need? No worries! Our team of designers can help create signs to match your goals and requirements. Whether you need custom floor signs for small or large spaces, our team can help! Give us a call at 443-205-1205 to learn more about our product offerings.

    Uses of Floor Graphics

    Baltimore businesses can use floor graphics for a wide range of purposes. This can include:

    1. Branding: Custom floor decals can be used to enhance your brand. Add your business logo or any other branding element to your lobby or elevator floors to create a professional image.
    2. Wayfinding: Custom floor stickers can be used to add arrows or directional information to your floor areas. This makes it easier for customers to find their way around your space.
    3. Floor advertising: Businesses use floor graphics to create interactive promotional tools. When you have pop-ups, branded activations, and the like, adding large removable floor graphics can help get you noticed.

    Your Floor Graphics Experts in Baltimore, MD

    Improve your interior space with eye-catching vinyl floor decals today! Baltimore Signsmiths is your trusted sign maker, delivering excellent products for your business needs.

    Our Baltimore designers are committed to providing sign solutions that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Whether you need a single sign or multiple floor graphics for your business, our team can help!

    Contact us today at 443-205-1205 for a free consultation with our sign experts!


    What are floor decals?
    Floor decals are vinyl stickers designed to be installed on the ground. You can choose pre-designed styles or create your own and install them indoors or outdoors.
    Why should I use floor graphics?

    Floor graphics are some of the most affordable ways to:

    • Advertise promotions.
    • Grow brand awareness.
    • Provide directions.

    If you install them at the right spots, you can get a lot of attention from visitors. They are popular with Baltimore businesses because they’re great for organizing queues, guiding people to specific in-store promotions, and for enhancing décor.

    What are floor graphics made of?
    Floor graphics are made of a flexible, durable material called vinyl. However, the vinyl used for floor graphics is not the same as that used for window decals and wall decals. Floor decals use a thicker gauge, anti-slip vinyl that’s designed to resist wear and tear from foot traffic. Floor graphics come with pre-applied strong adhesives, making them less likely to peel over time.
    How do you make floor decals?
    Step one in making floor decals is understanding what you want to achieve and then preparing the design. We prepare a digital template of the decal (so you can see it before it’s finalized), and then send it for printing. Our team selects the most suitable vinyl for your graphics (balancing cost and durability), prints the design using digital printing, and cuts the sheets into the desired shape.
    How long do floor decals last?

    Floor decals can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, depending on the number of people walking on them and the conditions in which they are installed. Lots of foot traffic, polishing machines, regular water exposure, and sunlight will all reduce the signs’ lifespans.

    Here’s a tidbit: one of our customers (a bakery) needed just one set of physical distancing floor decals for the entire two years of the coronavirus pandemic.

    What material is used for floor stickers?
    We make our floor stickers out of vinyl, which is a strong material that’s specially designed to be installed on the ground. It resists premature tearing and peeling, thus improving value and safety. Contrast that with ordinary paper or plastic floor stickers that can start peeling after just a few days.
    How do I make vinyl floor decals?
    We’ll be blunt—that doesn’t sound like the safest idea in the world. DIY vinyl floor decals are best saved for a school project, not a commercial establishment. As a consumer, you don’t have easy access to strong, flooring-safe glues, nor the kinds of tough vinyl we get from suppliers like 3M.
    How do you install vinyl decals on a floor?
    Installing vinyl decals on the floor is easy. First, clean the floor surface before you install the decal to ensure it sticks properly. Then, peel off the protective backing and paste the decal starting from one edge. Use a credit card or squeegee to push out air bubbles as you go.
    How do you apply a floor wrap?
    Installing a floor wrap is very much like installing a small floor decal, you need to carefully prepare the surface. We wash and wipe the area where the wrap will be installed thoroughly and make sure there’s no dust or debris. After that, it’s just a matter of patiently installing the wrap and squeezing out air bubbles.
    What do you put under vinyl flooring?

    Well, that’s not quite a vinyl signs question, so you may want to check with your contractor. That said, plywood is one of the most common rigid underlays on top of which vinyl flooring is laid.

    If you’re looking to protect your vinyl flooring (or are bored with the look), vinyl wraps are a really affordable way to personalize it. Install wraps strategically to minimize scuffing and provide visitors a unique experience.

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