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Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise in Baltimore, it is important to make a positive impression on your customers. The first few seconds they spend inside your space are crucial. This is where an impressive office lobby sign can help. This is what customers first notice when they enter your business. As such, your sign should convey the right message and image for your brand. Baltimore Signsmiths offers a wide range of sign options for your business needs. We only use the best materials to ensure your signs represent your business in the best way. Learn more about our product offerings by calling 443-407-8563 today.

The Best Lobby Signs in Baltimore, MD

Custom lobby signs are must-have tools for business establishments that want to welcome customers and create a positive first impression. These signs typically give people a better idea of who you are as a company, which includes your overall image, goals, and mission.

The signs in your lobby have a significant effect on your customer’s overall experience. Signs are one of the first things people look for when they enter a new place. This helps provide important information about your Baltimore business.

For this reason, investing in the right office lobby signs in Baltimore benefits your company in more ways than one.

These signs function in different ways to help your business. They let visitors know they reached the right place and help direct them to where they want to go. The right signs also give your office a more professional look. By displaying your company name and logo, your signs also help boost your brand. Custom lobby signs can be made with colors, materials, and mounting options that fit your business. Whatever size or type of sign you need, our team will work to fulfill your business requirements.

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    Types of Lobby Signs

    The cost of lobby signs depends on different elements, like materials, size, and more. Here at Baltimore Signsmiths, we offer a range of options that can satisfy your business and budget needs.

    •  Acrylic Lobby Signs: These are versatile signs that look sleek and professional. They come in different looks, including frosted or etched glass, clear, or solid color.
    • Acrylic Letters: These custom office lobby signs add a contemporary and vibrant touch to your space. They are cost-effective, hardwearing, and visually impactful.
    • Metal Lobby Signs: These are durable signs usually made out of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and the like. With a brushed or polished finish, these make your sign look modern and sophisticated.
    • Dimensional Letters: These are 3D lobby signs made of different materials, like acrylic, foam core, aluminum, and more. They are the best option for spelling out your business name. These office lobby signage solutions are perfect for making your space look more modern and professional. They are typically installed at law firms, medical clinics, and similar offices.
    • Backlit Lobby Signs: When you want an illuminated sign, this is the way to go. These signs have LED backlighting, giving your sign an attractive warm glow.
    • Wall Graphics and Murals: These are quick and affordable solutions for putting up signs in your lobby. Printed vinyl adhesives can be customized to match your brand and display a variety of designs. You can do a full mural, vinyl letters, or a 3D logo wall sign.
    • Wall Decals: These indoor reception signs are smaller in size than murals, making them ideal for brands that have a minimalist style and those that want to add touches of brand elements in the reception area.

    Uses for Lobby Signs

    Reception signs are a great way to solidify your brand and make an impact on your visitors and customers. Right when customers walk in, they instantly know who and what your business is because of your signs.

    These signs are also used to display important information. These include:

    ○ Directions

    ○ Building directory

    ○ Building policies

    ○ Health and safety protocols

    Corporate lobby signs not only make your Baltimore business look good. They also ensure your customers have a smooth-sailing business transaction from the moment they walk in.

    The Many Advantages of Having Expertly-Made Lobby Signs in Baltimore, MD

    ● Enhance the Atmosphere: Custom lobby signs help create a well-rounded ambiance that complements your branding strategy. For example, we can create backlit metal dimensional letter signage that showcases your logo and company name. Because of how sleek and elegant this is, it instantly makes the reception area look more professional, modern, and upscale.

    ● Help People How to Navigate Your Space: Office lobby signs must also indicate directories and other wayfinding details. This way, customers know right away which direction to take in order to purchase an item, use a specific amenity, or meet a certain individual. Ensuring their safety and convenience will have a positive impact on your business.

    ● Provide Crucial Information with Reception Signage: From check-in details in a hotel to payment policies in a retail store, all of these details must be clearly indicated in your reception area signs. Doing this will give people the impression that you value transparency and customer satisfaction.

    ● Build Your Brand Reputation: Whether you are a start-up or an established business in Baltimore, MD, investing in high-quality lobby signs can help send the message to your target market that your business is reputable, dependable, and legitimate.

    Lobby Sign Manufacturer in Baltimore, MD

    Make a lasting impression on your customers with the right sign for your lobby today. Here at Baltimore Signsmiths, we have a selection of sign options that can make you stand out in Baltimore.

    Baltimore Signsmiths is committed to delivering top-notch lobby signs in Baltimore, MD for businesses in various industries. Unlike ordinary signage shops, we take the time to really learn more about your vision, goals, needs, and preferences so that we can curate the best lobby signage solutions that add value to your company.

    As a full-service company, you can count on us to work closely with you from start to finish. If you’re looking for, office lobby signs near you, we’ve got you covered.

    Whether you need a large sign or a simple business logo added to your lobby space, we can help! Contact us at 443-407-8563 for a free consultation on your lobby signage needs.


    How much do lobby signs cost?

    Our signs are custom made so their pricing will vary between projects. The size, style, complexity, and lighting options of the sign will affect the cost of signs. Speak to our team of experienced signage professionals about the signs you’re looking for and get an accurate estimate.

    What are reception signs?
    Reception signs are ones installed in entrances and waiting areas, such as reception desks, lobbies, and waiting rooms. While some signs are used to promote the business’s branding, others can be more functional. If you’re not sure what types of signs you should get for your reception area, speak with us to find some great options.
    What are office lobby signs?
    Office lobby signs are used to promote the business’s branding, enhance décor, and improve visitor experience. You can choose from a wide range of office lobby signs, including business branding signs, wall murals, and wayfinding signs.
    What are lobby signs worth?

    A FedEx study found that signs can encourage visitors to make purchases. If you’re trying to assess what value you’ll receive from lobby signs, don’t just look at the upfront cost; assess the potential business they can generate and the goodwill they can create.

    What are acrylic office signs?
    Acrylic office signs are the ideal signs if you’re looking to get the premium glass look, without the exorbitant cost or fragility of glass. Acrylic signs are made of a transparent polymer that looks and feels like glass. You can print designs on one or both sides of the sign, and install them almost anywhere in the office. Check out our gallery to see the kinds of acrylic office signs our customers create.
    Should we use letters on office signs?
    Office signs are a great branding opportunity, and you show your business’s name and logo prominently. Other than standard signboards, we create a variety of attractive letter signs:

    • Channel letter signs
    • Dimensional letter signs
    • LED neon signs

    Send us your design or get us to create some designs for you.
    What are backlit lobby signs?
    Backlit lobby signs are real head turners! They have lighting installed behind the sign face, which shines through the sign giving a backlit effect. You can even add a halo effect to the sign (shining a separate light on the mounting surface) for a truly stunning sign. Tell us about your vision and find out how much your backlit lobby signs will cost.
    Who are the best Lobby sign makers in Baltimore?

    At Baltimore Signsmiths, we’re redefining the signage experience in Baltimore with a professional team and a can-do attitude. You’ll work with a team that makes getting your dream lobby signs completely seamless. Talk to us to find out how we’ve helped businesses like yours create eye-catching signs that deliver real value for the business.

    What types of Lobby Signs are available to me?

    We build small, large, and specialized lobby signs for all types of businesses. Some of the signs we build are:

    • Channel letter signs
    • LED neon signs
    • Bathroom signs
    • Door signs
    • Floor graphics
    • Wall graphics
    • And many more

    Take advantage of a fully-equipped fabrication shop and expert craftspeople to create stunning signs for your business.

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