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Trade shows are a serious investment. You put in the time and money to go out and showcase your Baltimore business. However, the returns you get from attending a trade show are well worth it.

Aside from potentially getting instant sales, you have the opportunity to get a lot of business exposure. Trade shows also let you get leads with vendors, suppliers, and investors that can help your business.

These can all be possible if your booth stands out from the rest. And this can be done through the right trade show displays in Baltimore.

What is a Trade Show Display?

These are branded signs and displays you can set up to use during trade show exhibits. These signs showcase your brand and provide information about your products and services. Ultimately, these help you get noticed and drive more traffic to your booth. The right displays help you stand out and get maximum business exposure. For this reason, it is crucial to choose experienced trade show display companies in Baltimore, MD. Here at Baltimore Signsmiths, for example, we offer a wide range of trade show signs for your event needs. If you need more information, feel free to give us a call at 443-205-1205

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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Trade Show Displays

    We have a wide selection of designs and materials available in Baltimore. Our team creates signs that fit both your products and the nature of your business. We only use the best materials to ensure your trade show supplies are attractive and long-lasting.

    Here are examples of products we offer:

    Our goal is not just to design and supply your signage needs. We also make sure that each element of your booth is designed and made with the right materials and structures. We are a sign company in Baltimore that will take care of your needs so you can focus on having a successful trade show run.

    Uses of Trade Show Displays

    It is important to make a good impression during a trade show event. As such, you need to have the right trade show displays. This impacts the way customers will perceive the quality of your brand, products, and services.

    Custom trade show displays are used to help your business:

    1. Create a professional image
    2. Improve visibility
    3. Deliver the right message visually
    4. Be easily found by potential clients
    5. Generate attention for your booth
    6. Promote your products and services

    If you are attending multiple events in Baltimore, you need to invest in high-quality pop-up trade show displays. These are materials that are easy to set up, pack away, and transport. These are durable enough to be reused in more than one trade show.

    Trade show banners are also one of the most popular materials you can have. They can stand in as our customer and sales representative. Banners efficiently give out important product and service details to entice visitors and customers.


    The Right Trade Show Displays Near You

    A trade show is a major undertaking that requires a lot of effort and commitment. However, with the right materials, having a successful event becomes easier.

    Let Baltimore Signsmiths gear you up with the best trade show displays in Baltimore today. We are committed to creating signs that not only boost your brand. We also make signs that get customers, vendors, and investors interested in your business.

    Need more information about sign options and the cost of trade show displays? Contact Baltimore Signsmiths at 443-205-1205 for a free consultation today.


    How much does it cost to display at a trade show?

    Many conventions charge by square foot. Organizers could charge anywhere from $30 to $250 or more. You'll have to measure your booth and contact the convention venue to get a rough estimate.

    What is the objective of a trade show?

    A trade show is a convention where businesses display their latest products and services to other businesses and industry leaders. Some trade shows invite individual consumers as well as fellow businesses. You can network, market, and establish yourself as an innovator in your field.

    What are the different types of trade show booths?

    The most common trade show booth types are corner booths, island booths, perimeter booths, and peninsula booths. 

    • Corner booths sit in the corner, which means that visitors often pass them several times while walking through the show.
    • Island booths stand in the middle of aisles with openings on all four sides so that visitors can approach from any angle.
    • Perimeter booths stand in front of a wall, allowing you to display tall signage.
    • Peninsula booths sit at the end of an aisle, allowing you to spread out and show off large graphics.

    What is a trade show banner?

    A trade show banner is a large sign or flag that grabs visitors' attention and directs them to your booth. Banners are made from vinyl and can be attached vertically or horizontally to a pole. Most banners feature your branding and company name. A banner could also advertise promotions, product launches, announcements, and new store openings.

    What makes a good trade show display?

    Good trade show displays get essential information across without overwhelming viewers. They present neat blocks of content with clear graphics and logos. Lighting can emphasize parts of your booth, such as an overhead banner. Good displays also present information from different angles so they grab visitors' attention when they walk past.

    How do I attract visitors to my trade show booth?

    Use clean, but unique, design elements to draw visitors to your booth. Some elaborate booths look like individual rooms with products on display. Incorporate interactive elements, such as digital tablets and demonstrations, to draw in potential clients.

    Make sure that your booth has enough room for visitors to move around, talk to representatives, and pick up marketing materials. Additionally, avoid blocking your signage with desks or podiums when you set up your booth.

    How long does a trade show last?

    Most trade shows last two or three days.

    How do I promote my business at a trade show?

    You can promote your business with vibrant, professional displays from Baltimore Signsmiths. Have a neat and orderly booth with products on display. Offer live demonstrations to show off your products' quality, and provide pamphlets that visitors can take home so that they remember your brand.

    Why are trade shows important to your business?

    Trade shows are important because they advertise your company to hundreds or thousands of potential clients. You can reach attending industry leaders and store owners who might want to partner with your brand. You'll also learn about the latest news, technology, and innovations in your field.

    Where can I get custom trade show booths in Baltimore?

    Baltimore Signsmiths makes custom trade show displays. Contact us today to request a quote for your booth.

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