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In the past, traditional murals were carefully painted by talented artists. Before large-scale printing existed, entrepreneurs would hire these professionals to create a handcrafted version of their print advertisement on the wall. Sometimes, the designs were more focused on adding touches of branding to a space or creating an ambiance that positively influenced their customers’ overall experience. Unfortunately, a single project could take weeks or even months to complete. Not to mention the costs that come with it.

Thanks to modern technology, business wall murals are now easier to produce and take half the time to install. Baltimore Signsmiths takes pride in creating top-of-the-line wallpaper murals that add value to your business. Our passion for sign-making and commitment to customer service are some qualities that make us stand out from others. Reach out to our Baltimore team today to get started.

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    Uses of Vinyl Murals on Your Baltimore Business

    • Advertise your most popular products or services through different types of custom wall murals in your facility.
    • Improve employee efficiency and morale with creatively displayed quotes and reminders on your office wall murals.
    • Create a unique, unforgettable ambiance that customers will love taking pictures with and sharing on their social media profiles.
    • Boost customer satisfaction through artistic illustrations of directional cues, safety reminders, and other essential business details.
    • Connect with your target audience by showcasing the company’s history and mission vision through interior wall murals.
    • Reinforce by showcasing various brand-related design elements on your office wallpapers.
    • Instill positive feelings and influence your customers’ purchase behaviors by implementing color psychology and subliminal messaging in your decorative wall murals.
    • Proudly display an impressive gallery of the brand’s awards and recognitions over the years to demonstrate your industry expertise and capabilities.
    • 3D wallpaper in Baltimore is a fantastic tool to turn your establishment into a museum that attracts customers.

    For more strategic office mural ideas, don't hesitate to seek a consultation with our Baltimore-based specialists today. We will gladly accommodate your questions and provide professional guidance on all your mural needs.

    What Types of Wall Murals Are Available for Corporate Spaces?

    At Baltimore Signsmiths, we offer vinyl wall murals for large and small businesses. We use high-quality vinyl sheets to create custom-printed wallpaper that matches your surroundings. Our vinyl wall murals are ideal for outdoor and indoor décor due to their durability and flexibility. 

    We can customize murals for walls in any size and shape to fit your office requirements. These murals have an adhesive area on the back, which is pasted on the wall. Thus, our removable wall murals are easy to install and remove if you wish to change the mural wallpaper in the future.

    How Can a Custom Wall Mural Help Transform Your Business?

    Wall murals can add liveliness to your workspace. If you’re looking for wall murals for business, choose a design that will help motivate your employees and fill the workplace with positivity. Murals can help transform your business in the following ways:

    • Display Your Company’s Vision and Culture: With a custom wall mural, businesses can showcase their brand’s vision. We help you visually highlight and dictate your brand’s story to your customers through bespoke murals. Our wall murals for business can incorporate your brand’s values, vision, image, and colors.
    • Attract Diverse Workforce: Customized murals can help attract fresh talent from millennials and Gen Z, who often look for vibrant work environments with positive vibes. With our custom-printed wallpaper and murals, you add positive energy to your workspace that will develop a sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging to your employees.
    • Boost Productivity: A mural wallpaper with motivating quotes or inspiring journeys of the founders helps improve the overall productivity of the workforce. Our office wall murals will be a daily dose of motivation for your employees. Working in an attractive, comfortable, aesthetically decorated, modern office can boost your employees’ satisfaction and productivity.

      If you’re ready to transform your office, visit our location in Baltimore for eye-catching modern graphics wall murals.

    Choosing a Mural for Your Business

    When it comes to selecting a design and art for your workspace, you need to consider a few important points:

    • Existing Décor: Considering the office's existing color scheme and décor is crucial to make an impact with murals. For neutral interiors, choosing wall graphics with rich, colorful designs infuses your workspace with new energy. Assess the current theme, patterns, style, and textures of your office before selecting a wallpaper. 
    • Available Space: Before finalizing a design, it’s essential to consider the available wall space, which you can use as a blank canvas. If you have ample wall space, selecting a design with large, loosely scattered patterns can create a modern and unique look. For offices with restricted wall space, choose simpler designs with the brand logo and colors to create a unique identity. 
    • Communicate Your Expectations: At Baltimore Signsmiths, we strive to bring your imagination to life with our robust collection of designs and patterns. Communicate your vision and expectations to our team so we can deliver what you’re looking for in your office murals. Visit our location for customized murals. 

    The Best Wall Mural Installers in Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore Signsmiths is one of the leading manufacturers of custom wall murals in Baltimore. With our extensive marketing knowledge and sign-making expertise, your Baltimore murals will be worth every penny spent because of the many advantages that they bring to your business.

    We use top-notch equipment and materials to maintain consistent quality in all our Baltimore murals. Our signage products are vibrant, full-color, high-resolution, and incredibly resistant to fading and scratches.

    Are you looking for reliable wall mural installers in Baltimore, MD? Look no further because we have them too. Our installation team meticulously installs your murals, making sure that there are no bubbles, ripples, rips, or tears. We also offer repair and maintenance services to extend their lifespan even more.

    If you want to learn more about the cost of custom wall murals, give us a call today!

    Wall Mural Design and Installation in Baltimore, MD

    Are you looking for reliable wall mural installers “near me”? Look no further because we have them too. Our installation team meticulously install your murals, making sure that there are no bubbles, ripples, rips, or tears. We also offer repair and maintenance services to extend their lifespan even more.

    We're here to assist you at every step, from the designing phase to the installation.

    If you want to learn more about the cost of wall murals, give us a call today!


    What is a wall mural?
    A vinyl wall mural is a large printed graphic that’s pasted onto the wall. Wall murals start at around 4’ x 2’ and there’s really no limit on their size. You can use them as artwork or cover the entire wall to redecorate the space. Our customers love wall murals because they can customize the design completely.
    What is the difference between a wall mural and wallpaper?
    Think of vinyl wall murals as the modern, more attractive, and more durable cousins of wallpaper. Where wallpaper is made of, well, paper, wall murals are made of vinyl. Unlike wallpaper, wall murals resist spills and stains, and can be cleaned easily, too. The biggest difference is that you aren’t stuck with boring wallpaper designs when you get wall murals—you can design yours from scratch!
    What is a wall mural made of?
    A wall mural is made of one or more sheets of vinyl, which have your design printed on them. Vinyl is a durable, flexible material that’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Wall murals also have an adhesive on the back of the vinyl sheet, thus allowing them to simply be pasted on the wall.
    What is the purpose of wall murals?

    Our customers use wall murals for many  reasons, including:

    • Redecorating the office with artistic designs affordably.
    • Personalizing the workspace with designs such as skylines and logos.
    • Showing off major achievements and highlights.
    • Highlighting ongoing promotions and new product launches.

    You can customize every aspect of the wall mural, including its size, shape, colors, design, and more, making it easy to personalize it for your needs.

    What are examples of wall murals?

    That’s a hard question to answer because wall murals are so customizable. However, some examples of wall murals are:

    • Wall murals showing new products.
    • Artwork murals.
    • Frosted wall murals for glass walls.
    • Timeline wall murals.
    • Solid-colored murals to “repaint” the wall.

    Whether you’re looking for professional murals for your lobby or want to recreate epic space battles at an arcade, we can bring your vision to life.

    How long do wall murals last?

    Expect vinyl wall murals to last anywhere from two to six years (and beyond) with little to no special care. In fact, one of our customers recently called us to have an old mural removed after 11 years (!) because they were changing premises.

    Note that extreme swings in temperature, humidity, prolonged exposure to sunlight, and repeated spills will reduce the mural’s lifespan.

    How do you make a wall mural?
    The first step in making a wall mural is creating the design. We sit with you to understand what you’re looking for and create options you can choose from. After that, our team selects a suitable gauge of vinyl, loads up the printer with the final design, and starts the printing process. Large designs can require printing the design on several sheets. Once printing is complete, we trim the vinyl to the desired size and shape.
    Do wall murals improve my office aesthetic?
    That’s like asking if a fresh coat of paint makes a space look new. Wall murals definitely can improve your office aesthetic, but you’ve got to work with the right team. Murals must fit your existing branding and décor, which is where an experienced team of designers is so handy.
    How are wall murals used for interior design?
    Wall murals are an integral part of the décor. They can be solid colors, effectively “repainting” the wall, or stunning graphics that wow visitors. We also create wall mural environmental graphics, which are great for tastefully branding the office. Talk to our team today to find out how you can use wall murals for interior design.
    What is the difference between a mural and graffiti?
    Graffiti is created using paints and is painted directly on the wall. Wall murals, on the other hand, are large vinyl sheets with your design pasted on the wall. Unlike graffiti, wall murals can be removed easily without damaging the paintwork underneath. Wall murals are also much faster to put up. Graffiti can take weeks to complete, whereas murals can be designed, printed, and pasted in 4-7 business days.

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