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Over the past decades, digital marketing shifted how entrepreneurs communicate with their target audience. From search engine optimization to social media marketing, more and more innovative technologies and techniques are being used to create more meaningful relationships with customers and ultimately earn more profit. Despite their dominance and effectiveness, some traditional approaches to advertising are still relevant today, especially for brick-and-mortar establishments. 

What are Building Signs?

Exterior building signs are essential tools to implement your on-location marketing strategies. In general, they feature who you are as a brand, what services or products you provide, and what qualities make you different from others. There are several uses for building signs for your Baltimore-based business, such as establishing a sense of permanence and promoting the tenants in your commercial facility. If you want to learn more about the best applications for your specific goals and the cost of building signs, get in touch with Baltimore Signsmiths today. 

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    Types of Building Signs in Baltimore

    • Channel letters: These three-dimensional lighted building signs are excellent visual marketing tools to make your Baltimore storefront more appealing and intriguing to passersby. They are vibrant, colorful, and have many customization options. You can also choose between front-lit, backlit, open face, or combination styles. 
    • Dimensional letter signs: These building sign letters are often mistaken for channel letters, but they have solid signage elements and can only be illuminated through external sources. Dimensional letters are equally fantastic in putting your brand’s best foot forward and have a multitude of applications as well, such as room identification and wayfinding information. 
    • Awnings: These popular commercial building signs are perfect for creating a more charming and hard-to-miss storefront. We install them over your front door and windows, where they beautifully promote your brand while protecting outside customers from various weather conditions. 
    • Hanging signs: Baltimore is booming, with many businesses competing with each other. If your primary goal is to stay top of mind and get ahead of competitors, we recommend that you invest in hanging signs that are visible from afar and from different angles. 
    • Electronic message signs: These innovative signage solutions combine the best qualities of traditional and modern advertising. They can display simple messages or even showcase your latest video advertisements. Talk to our team today to learn more. 
    • Blade signs: Similar to hanging signs, they are great for grabbing the attention of motorists in a sea of competitors. Unlike conventional signs, they are attached perpendicularly to a wall above eye level for additional visibility. We recommend choosing Alumalite, Dibond, or Dura-wood so they’ll last for several years. 
    • Engraved metal plaques: Their sophisticated, timeless, professional appeal make them great for small yet essential business details, such as your store hours and the names of doctors working in the clinic. 
    • Banners: These inexpensive, easy-to-use, and versatile signs are perfect for announcing short-term activities such as ongoing sales promotions and upcoming corporate events. With proper storage and maintenance, you can effectively maximize their usage and extend their lifespan. 

    Premium Quality Building Signs in Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore Signsmiths has been providing impactful, eye-catching, impressive, and durable signs for buildings in the area. Our passionate building custom sign makers understand the importance of having marketing solutions curated to your specific advertising goals, budget, target audience, and branding requirements. This is why we will work closely with you from start to finish while ensuring that even the smallest details aren’t overlooked. 

    Are you ready to invest in the Signs for buildings? Talk to us today at 443-205-1205 to get started. 

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