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Whichever industry you are in, branding plays a key role in your business success. It is how you show your customers who and what your company is all about.

For this reason, Baltimore business owners take the time to find the right signs that can represent their brand. When it comes to outdoor signs, channel letter signs, also known as pan channel letters, are the best at generating attention for your business.

These are a popular choice when it comes to illuminated sign options. They are very effective in displaying your business name and logo. As a result, customers have an easier time locating your business and identifying your brand in Baltimore.

For channel letter signs “near me,” contact Baltimore Signsmiths. Our experienced team is ready to transform your business and introduce you to the power of effective sign solutions.

What are Channel Letters?

These are three-dimensional signs with an aluminum frame and an acrylic front face. These are illuminated using LED lights. Custom channel letter signs can be formed into different letters and shapes to match your brand.

These signs are highly customizable. You have a wide range of color options for the front face and even the LED lights inside. Since they are three-dimensional, they offer a level of depth that is eye-catching and attractive.

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    Types of Channel Letters

    · Front-Lit Channel Letters: These are the most common type of custom channel letters. Also known as standard-lit, these light up the front of the sign due to the LED bulbs within.

    · Halo-Lit Channel Letters: These 3D signs are mounted away from the wall, with the LED bulbs installed at the back of the sign. This creates a warm glow or “halo” around the letters and characters when lit. This type of sign is also called a reverse-lit channel letter sign or reverse pan channel letters.

    · Front-Lit/Backlit Channel Letters: These signs are lit from within, with LED bulbs also installed at the back. This gives both the front-lit and halo-lit effect. The lighting effect is available in different colors, which you can combine for both front and backlights.

    · Open-Faced Channel Letters: If you are looking for a classic neon sign for your Baltimore business, this is the best alternative. Just like front-lit channel letters, it is illuminated from within. However, the acrylic front face is removed, exposing the LED lights. This creates a look that is similar to traditional neon.

    Uses of Channel Letters

    Channel letters provide a lot of value to your business in Baltimore. The cost of channel letters becomes minimal compared to the gains you get from using these signs. Storefront channel letters help give a name to your business. This lets you be more present and known by your local community. Having these signs also makes it easier to locate your store or office.

    Since these are illuminated, it is the perfect way to increase your visibility. It will make you stand out during the day and keep you visible through the night. Lighted channel sign letters are a practical investment for medical centers, pharmacies, restaurants, and other businesses with hours that extend into the evening. Channel letters are also effective as lobby signs. This is one of the best ways you can create a memorable impression with your customers. The moment they walk in, your lighted sign is sure to build more awareness of your brand.

    To make your other outdoor signs more eye-catching, add LED channel letters. These make pylon signs and monument signs outshine the competition and make you stand out even in a crowded area.

    Explore the Benefits of Channel Sign Letters

    When searching for channel letter sign companies in Baltimore, MD, trust the experts at Baltimore Signsmiths. By partnering with us, we guarantee a high-quality sign made from premium materials that suits your needs. Consider these additional benefits of channel letter signs, including:

    · Increased Visibility: Visibility is vital to grow your company and ensure customers can locate you. For businesses that operate during the night, illuminated signs guide customers into your establishment. They are also effective in areas where rain, snow, or fog could limit people’s ability to find you.

    · Attract New Customers: If you’re looking to expand your customer pool, signs are an important investment. Studies show that 33% of customers are drawn into an unfamiliar business because of signs alone. Channel letters are a noticeable way to capitalize on new business opportunities.

    · Enhanced Branding: Signs and lettering communicate your brand’s mission and values. They are tools used to build your reputation and help customers remember your name when they require your services. Strong branding reinforced by signage is at the core of every successful business.

    Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer in Baltimore, MD

    Searching for channel letters near me in Baltimore, Maryland? Baltimore Signsmiths is a full-service custom sign company that designs, produces, and installs high-quality sign solutions for your business needs.

    Our team takes the time to get to know your business and brand. This allows us to recommend the best channel letters that showcase your business. Let us help give your brand a boost today! Contact us at 443-407-8563 for a free consultation, and we’ll give you a free quote.


    What are channel letters?
    Channel letters are three-dimensional sign letters that can be installed on signs or be mounted directly to a wall. Unlike box signs, every channel letter is built and installed separately and includes lighting. Though more complex than run-of-the-mill signs, channel letters look stunning and can transform the space.
    What are channel letters made from?
    Channel letters are immensely customizable, meaning you can build them out of materials such as acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum, and wood! Choose materials carefully because they can have a huge impact on the appearance of the sign. If you’re not sure which materials are ideal for your sign, talk to us.
    What are LED channel letters?
    LED channel letters are signs that use LED lighting inside channel letters. LED is transforming sign ownership—LEDs last nearly 30-times as long as traditional bulbs and consume as little as 13% of the electricity. That means you can light up your sign day or night and not worry about bulb replacement costs and energy bills.
    How do you install a channel letter?
    Channel letters can be installed:

    • Directly on the wall (or another surface).
    • On a signboard affixed to the wall.
    • As a free-standing sign on the floor.

    When it comes time to install, our installation team takes care of all the equipment needed, wall anchors, cranes (if required), and electrical wiring to make your experience completely seamless.
    What are pan channel letters?
    ‘Pan channel letters’ is just another name for channel letter signs. Whichever you go for, you’ll get individually-prepared three-dimensional letters. Pan channel letters are incredibly popular across Baltimore: some of the most common examples are Apple’s logo sign, the McDonald’s sign, and so many retail signs.
    How do you make letters with LED lights?
    LED lighting comes in long strips that our team fits into the sign housing. We use fasteners to keep the strip in place and apply sealant around openings in the sign for wiring. Before the housing is sealed, we perform an extensive QC to make sure all LEDs are operating.
    What are reverse Pan channel letters?
    The best description of reverse pan channel letters is that they are “hollowed out” channel letters. The housing creates an outline of the letter instead of creating a solid letter, giving the impression that the letter is inside out.
    What are marquee letters made of?
    You have a lot of materials to choose from for your marquee letters. Some of the more popular ones we know of are aluminum and stainless steel. Both offer excellent durability, hassle-free performance, and a premium look. You can also make marquee letters out of wood and acrylic to better suit your business’s look.
    How do you make 3d wooden letters?
    Building 3D wooden letters is like preparing any other channel letter sign. Our team prepares the external wooden casing of the sign first. That means identifying the right wood, cutting it to size, shaping it, and joining the pieces together to create the basic sign shape. We apply lacquers, varnishes, and finishes as needed to get the look just right.
    How do you hang marquee letters?
    There are a couple of different ways in which you can hang marquee letters:

    • Walling hanging letters – These are suspended from an upside-down L-shaped bracket. The letters are not directly mounted on the wall.
    • Ceiling hanging letters – These are suspended from the ceiling using steel struts or steel wire. The letters are mounted directly to the ceiling using this method.

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