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Are you looking for a durable sign option that improves your visibility and gives you a professional image? Dimensional sign letters might just be what your business needs.

Dimensional letters are a great way to boost your brand. They serve multiple functions while enhancing your Baltimore business space. If you need to increase your market reach, these signs are best for you!

Here at Baltimore Signsmiths, we offer a wide range of sign options for your business needs. We only use high-grade materials to create vibrant, durable dimensional signs that last. Talk to our sign experts today at 443-205-1205 and receive a free consultation!

What Are Dimensional Sign Letters?

These are text or shapes cut and molded to create a 3D effect. Also known as three-dimensional or 3D letters, these give out a depth that makes them more noticeable.

3-dimensional letters can be made out of sheets of different solid materials like acrylic or aluminum. They can be mounted directly onto a wall or mounted on a base.

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    Types of Dimensional Letters

    There are plenty of options available when it comes to dimensional letters. Here are a few examples that Baltimore business owners can use:

      1. 3D Acrylic Letters: These are three-dimensional letters cut from acrylic sheets. They are lightweight and durable, ideal for indoor use.
      2. HDU Signs: These are made out of High-Density-Urethane foam. HDU dimensional sign letters are durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. These signs are perfect for doing custom shapes or mimicking the look of wood.
      3. Wood 3D Letters: 3D signs are made of different types of wood like redwood or cedar. These are treated or coated to make them resistant to mold and damage. Wood is perfect for a classic, rustic-looking sign.
      4. 3D Metal Letter Signs: These are dimensional letters made out of materials like aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and the like. Stainless steel dimensional letters are highly durable signs that offer a classy, modern look.

    Uses of Dimensional Letters

    Whichever industry you are in, 3D logos and signs can be used in many different ways. These are versatile signs that can be customized to meet your business and branding needs. The way these can benefit your Baltimore business makes the cost of dimensional letters  worthwhile.

    Indoor 3D Letters : Dimensional letters can elevate any indoor space. Whichever way they are used, these signs are effective in building more awareness for your brand.

    Businesses use three-dimensional office signs for their lobby or reception signs. Mounted directly on the wall, they are perfect for spelling out the name of your company.

    These are made even more impressive by mounting them away from the wall and adding LED lights at the back. These backlit dimensional signs make your brand more memorable.

    Other indoor applications of dimensional letters include:

    Outdoor 3D Letters: 3D building logos are great as a storefront or building sign. By choosing durable materials like metal, these can withstand inclement weather in Baltimore.

    These can also be added to other outdoor signs. Businesses use custom dimensional letters to add text or graphics to monument signs, pylon signs, and more.

    Dimensional Letters in Baltimore, MD

    Help your business grow with the right sign solutions today! Baltimore Signsmiths is your #1 choice when it comes to sign options that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

    Our expert designers will help create stand-out signs that will set you apart from the competition. We make it a point to get to know your business and your area. This allows us to come up with the best signs to highlight your brand.

    Contact us today at 443-205-1205 for your signage needs and get a free quote!


    What are dimensional signs?
    Dimensional signs are large outdoor signs typically installed above the front entrance of abusiness. They’re made of 3D letters, each of which is made and mounted individually. A couple captivating attractions for dimensional signs are their premium appearance and customizability. You can create almost any font and design with dimensional signs.
    What are 3D letters?
    As the name suggests, 3D letter signs are ones made of large 3D letters. Each letter is constructed individually to have its own lighting and is mounted directly to the surface (unlike a signboard). They protrude outwards from the wall, making them noticeable to customers and are considered a premium outdoor sign.
    How do you install dimensional letters?
    Our team begins by assessing the mounting surface, such as the exterior wall or rooftop. We perform any repairs needed to strengthen the wall (if required), drill holes, insert anchors, and install the mounting brackets. Once the dimensional letters are prepared, it’s just a matter of mounting them onto the brackets. We also run electrical cabling, if the sign is illuminated.
    What are 2D letters?

    2D letters are signs that don’t extend outwards from the mounting surface. A couple of common examples of 2D letters are light box signs and sign boards; both have lettering on them, but the letters are flat against the sign itself. 2D letter signs offer a couple of advantages; they’re easier to install and  generally more cost-effective than 3D letter signs.

    How do you put 3D letters on the wall?
    First our team evaluates the mounting surface to make sure it’s strong enough to hold 3D letters. After that we drill holes in the wall and insert anchors. We’ll also run hidden electrical cabling at this stage. Once that’s done, we’ll install mounting brackets, which are designed to hold the sign. Finally, our team installs the letters to the mounting bracket.
    How do you hang hollow metal letters?

    Hollow metal letters are designed with mounting points on the back of the sign. We simply slide them onto the mounting bracket and screw them in. Once that’s done, our team performs a number of checks to ensure the letters are secured safely. We always recommend getting a signage professional to install metal letters because improperly installed signs can become a safety hazard.

    How do you make a 3D letter?
    The first step is designing the sign. You can send us your design or have our team prepare branded designs for you. When that is done, our team starts fabricating the sign housing, choosing materials that match the desired finish and maximize the sign’s value. Finally, we’ll install LED lighting and seal the sign to protect it from weather damage. Every sign goes through a strict QC process to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience for you.
    How do you hang acrylic letters?
    There are several hanging options for acrylic letters, depending on where you’re planning on installing them. For ceiling hanging letters, we drill a hole in the joist (or screw directly into the lattice for the false ceiling, if available). For outdoor signs, we drill into the mounting wall and install a bracket. You can choose from a wide range of mounting options, so talk to us before finalizing which one you want.
    What are HDU signs?
    High-density urethane (HDU) signs are also called foam signs. They’re made from, you guessed it, HDU. HDU signs offer a great balance between cost, customizability, and durability. HDU is used to make a wide variety of signs, including dimensional letters, monument signs, and more. We can create virtually any finish (e.g., metal or wood) and any design with HDU.
    Do you make wood 3D letters?
    Absolutely, we do! We make indoor, outdoor, and tabletop 3D letters out of wood. Unlike wooden letters that you’ll find at the department store, we can customize letters exactly as you want them. That means you can use a variety of woods, give us your own designs, choose colors, and more. We can even include lighting with our wood 3D letters!

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