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Neon LED signage is an outstanding marketing tool that improves your brick-and-mortar establishment’s visibility and competitive edge. Unlike old school lighted signs made from potentially dangerous incandescent bulbs or gas tubes, these come with light-emitting diodes with a more vibrant illumination than their counterparts. At the same time, LED signs are known to have a longer lifespan while consuming less electricity, saving you more money in the long run.

If you are ready to invest in high-quality LED signs, Baltimore Signsmiths is here to meet your needs.

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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of LED Signs in Baltimore

    • Monochrome LED-lit signs: We recommend them for establishments that need to showcase simple and straightforward messages since they have a single color of your choice.
    • Full-color illuminated signs: They are excellent tools to showcase high-resolution videos and images, helping you promote your latest product, upcoming events, and other campaigns.
    • Double-sided lighted signs: If you want to make a showstopping and memorable impact in the streets of Baltimore, you should invest in custom LED neon signs with dual panels. By displaying your advertisement on both sides, you can effectively target potential clients, whichever they pass by.
    • Tri-color custom LED signs: If you need to display basic information, such as your store hours and ongoing sales promotion, but want the signage to look more appealing, we suggest choosing tri-color LED instead.

    Uses of LED Signs for Your Baltimore-based Facility

    • Extend your investments: LED-lit signs allow you to maximize your marketing budget since they don’t need to be frequently replaced and don’t consume as much electricity as other types of light.
    • Landmarking: Most of the time, consumers select brands that are familiar with. One way to create this kind of connection with customers is by investing in marketing tools that simultaneously function as landmarks. With custom LED signs in Baltimore, you can communicate with potential customers in a visually appealing and non-intrusive manner.
    • Beat direct and indirect competitors in Baltimore: You can also potentially boost foot traffic and overall sales by making your storefront more enticing and captivating through lighted signs.
    • Spark customers’ curiosity: LED light signs in Baltimore does not have to be solely focused on solidifying your brand. They can also be utilized to advertise your best-selling products, seasonal promos, and other information that pique the interest of your existing and potential customers.

    Your Trusted LED Neon Sign Company in Baltimore, MD

    Are you on the hunt for “top-notch LED signs near me”? There is no need to keep looking elsewhere because we are here to provide high-quality visual communication solutions for your business.

    Baltimore Signsmiths is one of the top-rated suppliers of lighted business signs in the area. As industry experts, we understand the value of producing marketing tools tailored to our clients' needs. This is why we take consultation and design seriously to curate fully customized indoor and outdoor LED signs that best represent your brand and appeal to your target audience.

    We also take pride in having professional installers that work meticulously, ensuring that your lighted business signs are properly wired and securely affixed in place. To learn more about the cost of LED signs in Baltimore, give us a call today.


    How do you make LED signs?

    Signs are prepared in a two-step process: first, the housing is prepared, after which the lighting can be installed. The sign housing can be made of metal, acrylic, or other materials. Once the housing is made, we install LED lighting strips in the sign, holding it down using fasteners.

    What is the difference between neon signs and LED signs?

    Traditional neon signs are made of thin glass tubes filled with gas, such as argon, xenon, or krypton. The tubes are fragile and the gases are expensive. You can achieve the same effect much more safely and cost-effectively with LED neon signs.

    LED signs can be made of a wide range of materials and use thin LED lighting strips for illumination. They are much more energy-efficient and don’t pose fire hazards either!

    What are LED signs made of?

    LED signs have three elements: sign housing, transparent acrylic sheets, and LED lighting.

    • Sign housing – Shaped and sized according to your design.
    • Acrylic sheets – Installed where you want the light to shine through.
    • LED lighting – RGB and colored lighting strips.

    Not all LED signs are made the same. You want to work with a reputed sign company that only uses top-quality materials like Baltimore Signsmiths.

    How do LED signs work?

    That depends on the type of sign you have installed. If yours is a simple LED-lighted sign, you can use a switch to light up your sign. Matrix display signs come with a controller that lets you change the message quickly. More advanced LED displays are computer-programmable, allowing you to display photos and videos. Needless to say, all LED signs need electricity to operate.

    Are LED signs cheaper than neon?

    Absolutely! An LED neon sign has a much lower total cost of ownership compared to a traditional neon sign. You won’t just save on the upfront cost; you’ll enjoy much smaller energy bills across the lifespan of the sign. LEDs can operate 24/7 for over 30,000 hours (or 3.5 years) before needing to be replaced.

    What does an LED do?

    An LED converts electricity to illumination very efficiently (easily four times more efficient than traditional bulbs). LEDs come in several types: some have changeable colors, while others can only display a single color. They are dimmable, too, so you can change the intensity of your sign throughout the day.

    Are LED signs important for advertisements?

    The right signage has the potential to promote your business and get potential buyers through the door. A FedEx survey found nearly 8 out of 10 people in America visit stores because of eye-catching signage. To maximize advertising potential and value, speak to an experienced signage professional. We help businesses like yours find cost-effective LED signs that promote your business.

    How much are electronic signs?

    Electronic signs can start from as little as $150 for a simple LED-lighted ‘Open’ sign for the window to over $10,000 for large format video walls outdoors. The price of an electronic sign depends heavily on its size and functionality. Tell us about your needs to find the most cost-effective signs for your business.

    Which is brighter, neon or LED?

    There’s no competition; LED signs can be far brighter than neon signs! That said, LED signs aren’t a one-trick pony: you can alter the brightness of your LED sign on-the-fly, which you can’t with neon. You can change the color of the sign, too, instead of being stuck with the same color for years.

    How much do LED billboards cost?

    The cost of LED billboards depends on the type of billboard you’re looking to install (static, photo, video wall) and its size. Billboards can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 depending on their size and features, with installation costs and monthly rental charges extra. Baltimore Signsmiths does not make billboards.

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