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Visibility is an important factor in a successful business. With the growing market competition, it is crucial for customers to easily find your store or office. When they don’t, chances are they will find another business to go to.

Improving your visibility can be challenging, especially when you are in hard-to-find areas in Baltimore. Luckily, there is one sign option that makes you visible anywhere: pylon signs.

Here at Baltimore Signsmiths, we offer top-notch design, production, and pylon sign installation for your business needs. We are a full-service sign maker in Baltimore that you can trust with your sign projects. Contact us today at 443-205-1205 and get to know more about our products and services.

What is a Pylon Sign?

These are tall, freestanding outdoor signs used by a variety of businesses. Their towering height makes pylons effective at getting the attention of motorists and passersby.

These signs extend upwards, mounted on a single or double pole. They usually tower above a building and other surroundings. You also have the option to add light options to make it more eye-catching. From day until night, pylon signs can give you excellent visibility in Baltimore.

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    Types of Pylon Signs

    Here are four pylon sign options you can consider for your business:

    1. Single Pole Signs – where the sign is mounted on a single pole. This is a classic way to display your brand.
    2. Double Pole Signs – where the sign is mounted on two poles. This increases the stability of your sign, ideal for long-term use. Double poles are also used for large-scale signs.
    3. Covered Pole Signs – where the poles are concealed for a more polished appearance.
    4. Illuminated Pylon Signs – where the sign is illuminated with LED lights for better visibility throughout the day and night. These can include a digital sign box that can display multiple messages.

    Uses of Pylon Signs

    No matter what industry you are in, custom pylon signs provide a lot of benefits. These are very popular for roadside businesses like fast-food chains, gas stations, grocery stores, and more. Pylon signs are best for high-traffic areas where you can be spotted even from a distance.

    Use commercial pylon signs to:

    1. Establish a concrete identity for your business
    2. Display important business information like your name and address
    3. Let customers know about the different tenants occupying your facility
    4. Drive more traffic to your space

    Business owners are usually concerned about the cost of pylon signs. However, this is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Their towering height gives you maximum visibility. They are also one of the most durable sign options available, requiring minimal upkeep.

    If you are looking for the best pylon signs “near me,” Baltimore Signsmiths is here to deliver. We offer a wide range of options to fulfill your business and budget needs. Let us turn your design vision and marketing goals into a reality!

    Pylon Sign Manufacturing in Baltimore

    When you need commercial signs that make an impact, choose pylon signs for your business today. Let Baltimore Signsmiths provide you with high-quality sign solutions for your business needs.

    Get the most out of your investment through a well-designed and professionally made sign. Our team will guide you through the entire sign-making process. No step will be done without your approval. We are committed to creating signs that not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

    Improve the visibility of your Baltimore business today. Contact us at (443) 205-1205 for your signage needs and receive a free consultation!


    What is the difference between a pole sign and a pylon sign?
    Pole signs are anywhere from 3’ to 8’ tall with a small sign face. They are designed to be read up close and are popular for providing directions. Pylon signs are advertising signs. The large sign face and height are perfect for attracting potential customers from a distance. Pylons are popular with gas stations, dealerships, and restaurants.
    What is a pylon sign made of?
    There are two main parts to a pylon sign: the support and the sign face. Supports can be single or double-legged, depending on the weather you receive and the mounting service. The sign face itself is large, allowing you to display your branding boldly. Now, digital pylons are becoming increasingly popular because they allow you to change the message at the click of a button.
    What is a pylon pole?
    A pylon pole is the support beam that holds the pylon sign up. Poles can range in height to best suit your business depending on how far away you want the sign to be visible. Pylon signs can have one or two poles and at times have their poles covered for aesthetic or marketing reasons.
    How much is a pylon sign?

    Our signs are custom made and their prices are affected by a few factors like size, materials, and more. Speak with a member of our team to discuss your signage needs and get a free quote.

    How tall is a pylon sign?
    There’s no ‘right’ height for a pylon sign—some are 20’ tall, others are over 60’ tall. Understand exactly what you’ll use the sign for to determine how tall it should be. Taller signs require deeper foundations and stronger poles, but they can get more attention and have a bigger impact on your business.
    What do you call a sign on a pole?
    If it’s a small sign like a ‘Stop’ sign or a wheelchair-access sign in the parking lot, you’re probably looking at a pole sign. If it’s towering over other buildings and can be seen for miles around, it’s likely a pylon sign. Whether you opt for pole signs or pylon signs, they can help you get noticed and generate revenue.
    What is a pylon used for?
    Pylon signs are great ways to be seen by customers. Business owners use pylon signs to:

    • Tower over obstructions that would block the business from view.
    • Reach out to drivers on busy roads.
    • Get seen by potential customers, even ones who are miles away.

    Make sure you know exactly what you want your sign to achieve; it’ll help you optimize the design and make the most of your investment.
    What are the different types of pylons?
    Though the basic design of all pylon signs is the same, there are several types you can choose from, including:

    • Single-pole pylon signs
    • Double-legged signs
    • Lighted and non-lighted signs
    • Digital pylon signs

    Find the right pylon for your business, create stunning designs, and keep the cost of the pylon sign within budget with Baltimore Signsmiths.
    What are the advantages of pylon?
    • Display branding widely.
    • Make an impact in the local community.
    • Grow the business’s customer base.
    • Get more people through the door and grow sales.

    Work with an experienced team to make the most of your sign and maximize your ROI.

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