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Custom Vehicle Wraps & Graphics in Baltimore, Maryland

If you’re ready to make your marketing mobile, consider vehicle wraps in Baltimore as your ideal solution. No matter where your company’s fleet travels, you’ll be able to receive unlimited impressions with your vehicle wrapped. That means here in Baltimore and the surrounding area, you have the opportunity to share your brand message with prospects and bring in new business.

To do this effectively, working with a vinyl wrap shop in Baltimore is key. Baltimore Signsmiths is your trusted partner when it comes to design and installation for commercial vehicle wraps. Our well-trained team can offer professional advice for designing your vinyl wraps in Baltimore in a way that gets noticed. As a vehicle wrap shop in Baltimore, Maryland, we can recommend design options that suit the shape of your vehicles for the most aesthetic look possible.

Reach out to us at 443-205-1205 to request a quote on vehicle wraps.

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    Types of Vehicle Wraps

    If you’re considering your options for the best type of wrap for your Baltimore business, there are many factors to consider. You can rely on our vinyl wraps specialists to consider the size of your fleet and the shape of each vehicle to offer effective recommendations.

    Below are some of your options for full and partial vinyl wraps “near me” for your fleet:

    • Auto wraps: If you’re looking to transform an entire vehicle, a complete vinyl car wrap will help showcase all of your images and messaging. These full wraps are an impressive way to advertise your brand and are bound to turn heads on the road — here in Baltimore and beyond. When you wrap your entire vehicle, you also benefit from an added layer of protection. The durable vinyl will spare your vehicle's body from scuffs and scratches. Plus, if you choose to sell or trade your vehicle, the vinyl can be removed.
    • Vehicle graphics: If you’d like to display your company’s logo on your fleet, graphics are an ideal choice. Contrary to a full wrap, these graphics can be placed on your vehicle to present smaller images and designs. Our team can offer suggestions on the best location for your logo so that it’s highly visible.
    • Vehicle lettering: Similar to graphics, vehicle lettering offers you the option to share text on your vehicle without a full wrap. This could be your company’s name and contact information or your phone number and social media handles. Messages that are short and concise resonate well on the road, and our team is happy to work with you on impactful options.

    Custom Vehicle Wraps

    Vehicle wraps, graphics, and lettering are not one size fits all. It requires a custom approach to ensure the design and installation suit your vehicle specifically for a seamless and professional look. At Baltimore Signsmiths, we can work with your business on custom vinyl wraps that cater to your brand and fleet.

    Plus, the cost of vehicle wraps in Baltimore comes with unlimited impressions for your business. You invest once in a custom, durable wrap and receive endless exposure no matter where your fleet travels.

    Contact Baltimore Signsmiths for Custom Auto Wraps in Baltimore

    To get started with car wraps in Baltimore, we invite you to reach out to us. We are happy to discuss your options when it comes to vehicle wraps in Baltimore, including any other types of business signage you may need.

    At Baltimore Signsmiths, we design and install a range of exterior and indoor signs for business. Vehicle wraps “near me” in Baltimore are simply one type of signage that we offer, and we’re happy to discuss all of your signage needs for a cohesive approach.

    Reach out to us at 443-205-1205 to request a quote on vehicle wraps in MD.

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