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If you want to maximize your existing business assets and marketing efforts, you should invest in car wraps & graphics. These are fabricated from incredibly long-lasting and weather-resistant vinyl. Auto wraps are easy to install in various types of vehicles, such as trailers and sedans. The advantages outweigh the cost of wrapping a car. That is why they are fantastic investments that can last for many years.  

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    Types of Vinyl Car Wraps in Baltimore

    • Full Car Wraps Near You: If you aim to make a positive and lasting impact in the streets of Baltimore, investing in car signs is a must. They are applied to the exterior of your car, thus giving you more space to showcase your advertisements. From large high-resolution images that can be seen from afar to impressive branding designs that make your vehicle appear more official, you can expect to generate profitable results from your signage investments.
    • Partial Maryland Car Wraps: If your branding strategies lean more towards modern minimalism, we suggest that you purchase partial custom car wraps instead. Our Baltimore team will work closely with you to identify the best location or positioning of your partial wrap for the best results. 
    • Car Graphics and Decals: If your priority is to showcase important business information, such as your trademark, contact number, and address, investing in car decals is the way to go. Plus, when clients see your car window decals, they immediately feel more trusting towards your staff because they know that they are legitimate representatives of your company. 
    • Magnetic car signs in Baltimore: If you use the vehicles for personal trips or errands, work for several companies, or live in ad-restricted neighborhoods, the best way to reach more potential customers in Baltimore is through removable vehicles magnets.   

    Benefits of Investing in Car Wraps & Graphics in Baltimore, MD

    • Make the most of business errands and assets: Custom car wraps enable you to simultaneously perform daily tasks, such as transporting goods and delivering parcels, while promoting your company to more potential clients in the streets of Baltimore. In the same way, you are also getting the most out of company cars by converting them into mobile billboards. 
    • Convert more leads: With car window decals and wraps, you can target more individuals who don’t normally pass by your physical establishment. Meaning, you get more opportunities to turn them into customers and increase your profit. 
    • Round-the-clock marketing: Unlike other types of advertising, there is no limit on your advertisement’s number of exposures. As long as you drive and park in places visible to the public, you draw more attention to your brand and encourage people to purchase your products or services. 
    • Non-intrusive promotion: Customers don’t like brands with overly aggressive marketing tactics. It drives them away and encourages them to switch to your competitors. Don’t let this happen to your business. One way to effectively promote your company without getting into your customers' nerves is through viny wraps. However, your signage solutions must be eye-catching, thought-provoking, and memorable. The good news is that the Baltimore Signsmiths team can do that for you.

    Best Vinyl Car Wraps Company

    Baltimore Signsmiths is your trusted car wrapping shop in Baltimore. We pride ourselves on having a team of highly skilled signage specialists passionate about providing outstanding visual marketing solutions and impeccable customer service.    

    You don’t need to keep looking for top-notch car wraps & graphics because Baltimore Signsmiths is here to meet your needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about the cost of car wraps in Baltimore. 

    Car Wrap FAQ

    If you are looking for one of the highest returns on your marketing dollars investment, it’s time to contact the pros at Baltimore Signsmiths. We can show you how car wraps are one of the smartest long-term ways to build your brand

    How long does a wrap last on a car?
    The durable materials used for car wraps are extremely rugged. Generally speaking, wraps will last five to seven years. However, there are various factors that will affect how long your wrap lasts, including how much time it is in the sun, what kind of weather it is exposed to, and how clean you keep your car.
    What is the point of wrapping your car?
    There are many advantages to wrapping a car. For commercial vehicles, a well-designed vehicle wrap can build your brand and serve as a mobile billboard. There are many types of vehicle wraps and we can help you choose the right one to get your own message out there effectively and efficiently. Another side benefit is that a wrap will protect your OEM paint and may even help retain your vehicle’s resale value.
    Is wrapping a car worth it?
    We have many very satisfied clients at Baltimore Signsmiths who feel their vehicle wrap is one of the best marketing investments they have made. For one modest investment, you get 24/7, day in and day out branding. This compares with billboards and other types of advertising that are here today and gone tomorrow and require ongoing monthly payments.
    How much does a full car wrap cost?
    This is one of those “how long is a piece of rope?” questions. There are so many types of wraps and such a choice of materials that it is hard to put a range of costs. It can depend on the size of the vehicle and type of wrap. Due to the fact a well-done wrap lasts so long, it generally ends up being much more affordable than you might think. One stop by our shop and we can quickly help you develop a plan for your vehicle wrap that fits your budget and meets your specific needs.
    Does a car wrap scratch easily?
    A vehicle wrap is often harder to scratch or damage than the car’s paint. Of course, this depends on the materials used and the length of time it has been on the vehicle. The good news is that wraps are usually easier and less expensive to fix than damage to ORM paint jobs.
    How much does a 3M car wrap cost?
    Although 3M provides a premium wrap, its cost is not much more than some materials that are not as durable. When you factor in the total cost over the life of the wrap, you may find the 3M is actually your best value.
    Do car wraps chip?
    Quality vehicle wraps are more resistant to chips than most OEM paint jobs. They can be damaged, but are relatively easy to fix and with less hassle than if it was the paint that was chipped.
    Can you wrap a rusted car?
    The best answer to this question is that it is not a good idea. There may be some areas that are not rusted that can benefit from a wrap, but no material is effective at covering rusted areas.
    How do you remove a car wrap?
    Vehicle wraps are easily removed with the application of heat. Trained professionals make a quick job of removing a wrap without damaging the underlying surface.
    How do I remove an old vinyl wrap?
    You should not remove a vinyl wrap on your own. It is best to rely on your professional vehicle wrap shop to get the job done.

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