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Many of Baltimore’s most successful businesses understand the power of mobile advertising. As the preferred vehicle graphics company in Baltimore MD, we can help you add this important branding tool to your marketing matrix.

Maximum Exposure at Minimal Cost

Custom vehicle wraps and graphics provide your firm with a mobile billboard that works around the clock. The role vehicle graphics for branding is cost-effective and generates an ongoing return from a one-time investment. Custom vehicle wraps allow you to design the message you want to deliver and change it as often as you desire.

We are known by many as the go-to vehicle graphics company in Baltimore, MD because of our creativity and extensive experience in developing vehicle graphics that meet your specific needs. Whether you are focused on seasonal promotions or providing more exposure for your brand, our professional team will guide you to the ideal solution for your business.

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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    What Are Vehicle Graphics?

    Custom vehicle graphics are vinyl signs installed on your trucks, vans, cars, or other vehicles that provide the information you choose to your customers and prospects. They are effective at building your brand by standing out from advertising clutter and helping separate your company from the competition.

    What Are the Types of Vehicle Graphics Available to Me?

    Total car wraps are an increasingly popular form of graphics for vehicles of all types. Most such wraps are made from cast or calendared vinyl. However, the flexibility of this medium allows a wide variety of applications. You can choose partial wraps, door signs, full logo, or basically whatever you desire. There are also choices of materials beyond vinyl, including carbon fiber and chrome. Our team at Baltimore Signsmiths will explain these options to you in designing the perfect approach for your marketing message.

    What is the Best Vehicle Graphics Company Around?

    When it comes to experience and capabilities in providing vehicle graphic service to Baltimore residents, you can do no better than Baltimore Signsmiths. While it is relatively easy to find someone offering a “car wrap,” your investment deserves much more. We know how to integrate your brand and message in the most effective and affordable ways to provide a total solution.

    What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Graphics?

    You make a major investment in your vehicle fleet. You also know that outdoor signage is expensive. It often involves recurring monthly costs and is lost in a clutter of other signs. However, adding graphics to the vehicles in that fleet provides you with ongoing benefits from a one-time investment. Often, the monthly savings on a billboard is more than the payment on that vehicle.

    Your message is then visible to your entire marketplace and gets the attention that stands out from other advertising. Additionally, you can change or modify your message easily and affordably with one call to our team.

    Just one call or click to Baltimore Signsmiths and you’ll find all the answers you need with the best solution for your vehicle graphics near you. Contact us today and will help you choose the best commercial vehicle graphics for your brand.


    What is the importance of vehicle graphics?
    The importance of vehicle graphics lies in their ability to serve as an effective form of advertisement and brand promotion. A vehicle with a well-designed graphic wrap can catch the attention of potential customers and create brand awareness. It's a way for businesses to reach an audience they might not have been able to tap into by using traditional forms of advertisement.
    What are the benefits of using graphics in the car industry?
    There are many benefits, including increased visibility and brand recognition, enhanced professionalism, and the ability to reach a large audience. Graphics also provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their unique identity and stand out from competitors.
    What are fleet graphics?
    Fleet graphics refer to the use of graphics on a group of vehicles belonging to a single company. This can include cars, trucks, vans, or buses that are used for business purposes. Fleet graphics can provide a cohesive branding message across an entire fleet, increasing brand recognition and awareness.
    What are the benefits of graphics?

    The benefits of graphics include increased brand visibility, increased professionalism, and the ability to reach a large audience. Graphics can also be an effective way to convey important information, such as contact details or services offered, to potential customers. Due to all these impressions, it can help generate new leads and sales.

    What is the purpose of graphics?
    The purpose of graphics can vary, but it generally involves creating a visual representation of an idea or concept. Graphics can be used for various purposes, including advertising, branding, communication, and education. In the case of vehicles, it’s a way to generate leads, encourage impressions, and drive sales.
    How are vehicle graphics made?

    Vehicle graphics are made using a combination of high-quality vinyl, printing technology, and skilled installation techniques. The process involves designing the graphics, printing the design onto the vinyl, and then applying the vinyl to the vehicle. To ensure that it is done correctly, it’s always best to work with a trusted signage partner. Our experts make sure to design and install your signage perfectly to avoid any issues down the road. 

    What are the three types of graphics?
    There are full vehicle wraps, which cover the entire surface of the vehicle with vinyl graphics. Partial vehicle wraps which cover a portion of the vehicle's surface with vinyl graphics. Finally, there are vinyl lettering and decals which invovles creating custom lettering or designs from vinyl material and applying them directly to the surface of the vehicle.
    How long do vehicle graphics last?
    The longevity of vehicle graphics is subject to the quality of materials and the environment in which the vehicle is driven and stored. Typically, high-quality vinyl graphics can endure for 3 to 7 years. By making sure they are installed properly and maintaining them throughout the years, you can make sure that you get your money's worth.
    How do you put graphics on a car?

    To put graphics on a car, the vehicle surface needs to be cleaned and prepared. The vinyl graphic is then applied to the surface using a squeegee and a heat gun. Skilled installers are often necessary to ensure the graphics are applied smoothly and without air bubbles. That’s why it’s always best to work with a trusted signage company like Baltimore Signsmiths.

    How do you do vehicle lettering?

    Vehicle lettering involves creating vinyl decals with custom lettering that can be applied to a vehicle's surface. The process is similar to creating vehicle graphics, but with a focus on typography and text rather than imagery. Skilled installers are often necessary to ensure the lettering is applied correctly and without air bubbles.

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