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September 3, 2022

What Are Bathroom Signs and Types of Bathroom Signs

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Great bathrooms can make for great workplaces, and bathroom signs play a big part in that. That's why these signs are some of the most important ones you will install.

What Are Bathroom Signs? Signs for bathrooms are ones used to guide people to the toilet, label the bathroom door, and decorate the bathroom. They go by other names, too, including "restroom signs", "washroom signs", and "WC signs".

You can pick up pre-designed ladies’ restroom signs and men’s restroom signs or customize them to suit your business. Many of our customers like to design their own signs, incorporating their brand colors and matching the ambiance of the business.

What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Signs You Can Get?

Think signs for the bathroom, and your mind will immediately go to the men's, women's, and accessible signs (like the ones below).

However, those signs just scratch the surface of what you can do. A great bathroom can make the visitor experience memorable, and there are a lot of signs to choose from.

1. Directional signs

Leading to the bathroom Wayfinding signs like ceiling hanging signs and directional arrows show the way to the nearest bathrooms. If you're wondering where you should install them on your premises, try to think as a first-time visitor. You want to provide an unbroken set of directions that lead to the bathroom, and some good places to install wayfinding signs are in waiting rooms, lobbies, and at the end of corridors.

2. Bathroom signs for doors

These are the men's restroom signs, ladies' restroom signs, and gender-neutral restroom signs installed on the bathroom door. Almost all bathroom signs for doors use a pictogram to depict which bathroom you should use, along with small lettering which says who it’s for. If you decide to customize your signs, make sure they are easy to recognize.

3. ADA-compliant bathroom signs

ADA-compliant bathroom signs are mandatory at most Baltimore businesses that receive visitors at the premises. They must meet the requirements laid down by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prescribe:

· The size of the signs.

· Where signs should be installed.

· What finish they must have?

· Size of lettering and braille lettering.

To find out where you need to install ADA signs, talk to experienced signage professional.

4. Decorative signs and wall murals

Wall murals and custom signs are great for branding bathrooms subtly and providing visitors with a unique experience. They are a must-have if yours is an experience-based business, such as a restaurant or an arcade. Use signs and murals to color the walls, and add fun touches.

5. Other signs

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, hand washing reminders and hygiene signs have become commonplace. Another useful sign to have is the yellow hazard signboard that warns of a wet floor.

What Types of Bathroom Signs Should You Get for Your Business?

Find out what signs you should install to make your employees and customers comfortable and comply with local bylaws. Book a free consultation to discuss bathroom signs with Baltimore-based signage professional.

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