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September 3, 2022

What Are Monument Signs and Why Do You Need Them?

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Monument signs are a mainstay at essential establishments in the community. That's why you'll find them outside education institutions, hospitals, places of worship, and large offices. They are powerful marketing tools, but should you get monument signs for your business?

What Are Monument Signs?

They are large architectural signs installed at ground level, prominently displaying the business's name and branding. Every sign is custom-designed to include branding and match the surrounding decor. Signs can be placed next to entrances; however, they are more commonly installed away from the main building.

Some popular monument styles are:

· Architectural monument signs

· Electronic monument signs

· Brick monument signs

Signs can be made from a wide variety of materials, including brick and mortar, steel, and wood. Foam signs have become popular in recent years because they are far more affordable upfront and require little to no maintenance. Foam can be sculpted to mimic other materials, so don't be surprised if the brick monument sign you're admiring is actually made of foam!

Top 5 Benefits and Uses of Monument Signs

There are many benefits and uses of monument signs, but here are the top five reasons you should consider monument signs for your business.

1. Attract Attention with Custom Signs

Customized signs are a great way to attract the attention of potential customers. Architectural monument signs will stand out in Baltimore, which is why people are far more likely to notice them. These signs incorporate the architecture of your building into the style of your sign.

2. Maximize Marketing Potential

Their large size means monuments offer a lot of advertising space. You can use the large sign face to prominently display your business's branding or highlight ongoing promotions. Our customers also use electronic monument signs to show advertising videos, which are real head-turners.

3. Strengthen the Buyer Journey

Monuments convey a sense of solidity and permanence, suggesting to visitors that yours is an established business in the community. Don't underestimate the importance of customer confidence; customers are more likely to make bigger purchases when they are comfortable dealing with your business.

4. Make Your Establishment a Local Landmark

When people start using your sign to provide directions, for instance, "Turn right after the ACME sign", or "Let's meet by the ACME sign", you know you've become an integral part of the local community. That type of top-of-mind recall can help you garner loyal customers and grow your revenue.

5. Unlock Advertising Revenue

Not all signs are used solely for building brand awareness, some help unlocks new revenue streams too. Signs with digital displays can be used to attract advertising from businesses in the area. One typical example is when a shopping complex installs monuments at entrances and offers tenants the option to advertise on them for a fee.

Getting Monument Signs for Your Business Doesn't Have to Be Monumentally Difficult

Looking at the large size of monuments, you can't be blamed for feeling daunted by the logistics and cost involved in installing them at your business. But Baltimore Signsmiths makes getting monuments for your business completely seamless.

Book a free consultation to discuss monument signs in Baltimore and learn how we take care of all the heavy lifting.

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