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December 5, 2021

What are Monuments Signs and What Do They Tell Us?

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A FedEx study on signage found that 8 out of 10 customers visited a business they have never been to because of its signage. If you’re looking for a hint to invest in an outdoor sign for your business, this is it!

Outdoor signs play a crucial role in building your business’s visibility. These signs also help introduce your brand to your target audience. And among the many exterior sign options available, well-designed monument signs are a great choice.

What is a Monument Sign?

These are outdoor freestanding signs that sit low to the ground. Monument signs are generally large structures that are made out of sturdy materials like brick, concrete, stone, and the like. They are used to display your business name, logo, and other important business information.

Types of Monument Signs

This type of signage has several options that you can choose from depending on your business needs. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  1. Brick Monuments
  2. Digital Displays
  3. Architectural Monuments
  4. Foam Monuments
  5. Metal Monuments

When it comes to these signs, it is important to select the right type of material and design that will compliment your outdoor aesthetic. By choosing a design that ties in with your surroundings, it allows you to build better brand recognition and recall.

Reasons to Use Monument Signs

There are many reasons why business owners continue to choose these types of outdoor signs for their business. One of the biggest benefits of monument signs is improving your visibility in your local community.

These signs are usually positioned along the road or at intersections. As such, they can be seen by anyone driving or walking by the area. This makes it easier for customers to:

  • Recognize your business and its offerings.
  • Locate where your business is.
  • Become interested in your brand.

With the help of the best monument sign shops in Maryland, your business can stand out with these signs. They are a distinct outdoor feature that sets you apart from other surrounding businesses. On top of that, these signs provide your business with a professional and established feel, which in turn builds trust with your customers.

Business owners continue to invest in monument signage because of its durability. Made out of strong materials, they are the perfect outdoor sign. They are able to withstand extreme weather conditions without sustaining significant damage. These signs are well worth the investment.

Another benefit of monument signs is the ability to be able to customize them. Your signs can be designed to include branding elements like your business logo. This makes them an ideal tool for creating more brand awareness.

Looking for Well-Designed Monument Signs?

If you are looking for another reason to use monument signs, this is your sign! Choosing these signs can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business this year.

To make sure you get high-quality signs, trust the best monument sign shop in Maryland to design and create your signs. Baltimore Signsmiths is a full-service sign company. We help design, create, and install top-notch signs for your business.

Learn more about monument signage by calling us today and we’ll give you a free quote.

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