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Are you looking for one or more neon signs for your business in Baltimore? Signs that will showcase your retail store or restaurant to people walking or driving nearby? Or are you looking to set the mood inside your company's lobby area by displaying your logo in “neon” behind your receptionist's desk? For these uses and so many more, Baltimore Signsmiths is the best place to find a unique and sophisticated LED neon sign for your business.

What is an LED Neon Sign?

An LED neon sign looks like traditional neon visually but is actually made using modern LED lighting technology in combination with acrylic. This means that your 1950s-style bar can look like it would have in the 50s but have a better quality light using much safer, more cost-effective materials.

Your customers and staff will fall in love with the retro style and be protected from any potential contact with dangerous materials. LED signs use light-emitting diodes instead of traditional neon to last longer, produce brighter colors, and use less electricity than old-school neon signs. Get your custom light-up sign from the best-LED neon sign company in Baltimore.

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    What Are the Types of LED Neon Signs Available?

    There are several options for LED neon wall signs that you can use to brighten up your space in your brick-and-mortar facility. You can choose from:

    • Monochrome LED-Lit Signs - These signs work best to highlight a simple design or message or needed to fit in a specific color scheme.
    • Full-Color Illuminated Signs - Use these signs for more complex messages or shapes, in high-resolution videos, or anywhere that a mix of vibrant colors is needed.
    • Double-Sided Lighted Signs - Using a custom LED neon sign with two sides is great for a window display that is visible both inside and outside your building.
    • Tri-Color Custom LED Signs - This type of sign works best for eye-popping, can't-miss-it color for a message you want to highlight, so people are sure to see it.
    Faux neon sign

    The Cost of Neon Signs in Baltimore

    A reputable LED neon sign maker like Baltimore Signsmiths will work with you to give you unique LED neon wall lights for your needs at an affordable price. There are so many uses for LED neon signs that the costs range depending on your particular signage needs.

    Also called flex neon signs, LED is nonideal for marketing your brick-and-mortar shop as well as creating a one-of-a-kind style that won't be missed. Light-up signs are easily seen, whether outside, above your shop window, or inside behind your period bar. And they stand out in all kinds of weather.

    Neon led signage

    Boost Foot Traffic for Your Baltimore Company

    Wherever you're located in the Baltimore area, you are likely to get more visitors when you add neon signs in the window or in the front of your building. Customers will love the special atmosphere.

    Adding Retro Vintage Style to Your Business

    Your business will look fantastic with its new brightly-lit sign. If you're ready to add an eye-catching LED sign to your building, contact us.


    Are LED neon signs any good?
    If you’re looking to get that unique neon look without the enormous energy costs and fire hazards, LED neon signs are just the thing. They look almost exactly like traditional neon signs, offer that stunning neon glow, and provide a far better value. Our LEDs consume nearly one-tenth the energy of traditional neon and last about 30 times longer!
    What is the difference between a neon sign and an LED sign?
    Traditional neon signs are made of shaped glass tubes filled with a gas such as xenon or argon. When electricity is passed through the gas, it lights up. LED neon signs are made of shaped glass or acrylic, and use LED bulbs for lighting. LED neon signs are much less complicated and much less fragile compared to traditional neon signs.
    What is the difference between neon and LED neon?
    Neon signs use gas-filled tubes to produce lighting, while LED neon uses LED bulbs. Neon signs are inherently inefficient, which is why they consume so much electricity, run so hot, and break so often. LED signs, on the other hand, use cutting-edge LEDs for simpler construction and reliable performance.
    How long do LED neon signs last?
    You can expect your LED neon signs to offer around 100,000 hours of runtime, which translates to about 11 years—if they’re being used 24/7! LEDs offer incredible longevity, hassle-free ownership, and fantastic value. LED neon signs require little to no maintenance either, though regularly checking for signs of water damage isn’t a bad idea.
    Do neon signs use a lot of power?
    Traditional neon signs use around 4-5 watts per hour for every foot of neon, though that will increase as the tubes become thicker. That means even a very modestly-sized 10-foot length of neon can easily consume around 50 watt-hours, which can add up quickly. LED signs can offer the same level of brightness for nearly one-tenth of the cost!
    Are LED neon signs worth it?
    We love the unique LED neon look, and so do our customers! LED neon signs are some of the most eye-catching you’ll find, especially if you get the design just right. The upfront cost of the signs, maintenance, and electricity costs are very low compared to traditional neon signs, so they can pay for themselves much faster.
    Do LED lights contain neon?
    No, LED lights do not contain neon gas. LEDs contain no gases at all, which is why they are so much safer than traditional neon signs. Unlike traditional neon signs, which can release harmful gases if broken, LED neon signs will not. This is why they’re by far preferred for indoor use, where the risks of breakage are greater.
    Why are LED neon signs so expensive?
    We don’t know what you’ve been reading, but LED neon signs are quite cost-effective! They are much less expensive than traditional neon signs and cost around the same as other types of signs. Find out how affordable LED neon signs are by talking to one of our experts. We’ll help you create stunning designs and show you much you can save over traditional neon signs.
    What is LED flex neon?
    LED flex neon is a spool of flexible LED neon tubes that come in a variety of colors. You can bend them into simple shapes to bring your designs to life without any special tools. They’re a great DIY option, but may not be super-suitable for a commercial space because they use consumer-grade materials that aren’t as efficient or durable as the commercial-grade materials we use.

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