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Custom metal signs are extremely long-lasting visual communication tools with a professional, edgy, and contemporary appearance. We highly recommend them for tech companies, law firms, corporate offices, clinics, and more. Besides showcasing your official trademark, commercial signs made from metal are also fantastic for displaying room identification labels, directional cues, wayfinding information, and parking space guidelines.

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    What type of signage are you looking for?

    Types of Metal Signs for Your Baltimore-based Facility

    • Aluminum signs: Thanks to their weather-resistant qualities, aluminum signs are great for outdoor usage, whether as a storefront or stand-alone structure. Aluminum metal signs are also known for being incredibly lightweight, versatile, and inexpensive.
    • Stainless steel signs: If you prefer sleek and timeless metal business signs, we suggest that you have them made with stainless steel. Back in the day, entrepreneurs avoided this material because they were prone to erosion. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore since Baltimore Signsmiths applies a protective coating that extends its lifespan.
    • Alumalite signs: These heavy-duty metal letters are ideal marketing investments for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their marketing budget. Our Baltimore team can also integrate them into your pylon, monument, or storefront signage.
    • Dibond signs: If you want to invest in the best quality metal signs near you, we recommend custom-cut metal signs fabricated from Dibond. It’s one of the most heavy-duty materials you can use for signage. We can mold it into impressive 3D structures or laser cut and engrave it.

    Explore the Possibilities of Metal Signs

    Metal is a versatile material, making it ideal for a wide range of signage options. Exterior metal signage is common because of its durability, but this material is also used for many interior signs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we will work with you to make a sign that caters to your needs. Our options include, but are not limited to:

    · Lobby Signs

    · Address Signs and Plaques

    · Custom Metal Signs with Logos

    · Storefront Signs

    · Wall Signs

    · Illuminated Signs

    · Dimensional Letters

    · Metal Business Signs

    Custom Metal Signs

    Metal signs are popular because there are no limits to customization. At Baltimore Signsmiths, we ensure every detail of your sign is completed to your satisfaction. Choose from our comprehensive selection of personalization options:

    · Color: Incorporate your branding with vibrant colors on your metal sign.

    · Lighting: Give your sign a modern look with futuristic LED lights. Lights provide extra visibility to storefront signs at night or add a decorative touch to interior signs.

    · Engraving: If you’re searching for personalized signs, metal can be engraved with your message. This adds an elegant look to office door signs, address plaques, and directories.

    · Embossing: Another way to add a distinctive look to your sign is through embossing. This technique creates raised letters or symbols that add depth to any design.

    · Finish: An overlooked design aspect of metal signs is the finish. Complete the look of your sign by selecting a sleek, polished finish or a matte finish for a rustic look.

    · Laser-cut designs: Take metal logos to the next level with intricate laser-cut designs.

    Are Metal Signs Worth It?

    Despite the dominance of digital marketing, some traditional forms of advertising are still relevant to this day, especially for brick-and-mortar establishments.

    There are several uses of metal signs for your company, regardless of the size of your establishment or industry, it belongs to. The possibilities are endless. From creating a more serious and professional atmosphere in your conference room to reinforcing your brand to get ahead of competitors, metal logo signs are perfect marketing tools to invest in.

    On top of that, they are sturdier and less prone to damages caused by dirt, pollution, and various weather conditions, making them fantastic for indoor or outdoor settings. 

    Your Trusted Metal Sign Manufacturer in Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore Signsmiths specializes in producing a wide array of visual communication solutions. Our personalized metal signs are specially curated to best represent your branding requirements, achieve your marketing goals, and efficiently communicate with your target audience.

    Whether you need several interior metal office signs to provide wayfinding information or large metal letters for your reception area, you can count on our Baltimore team to meet or even exceed your expectations.

    There is no need to keep looking for “top-rated custom metal signs near me” because you are in the right place. To learn more about the cost of metal signs in Baltimore, give us a call today!


     What metal is used for the signs?

    The most popular metal used in signs is aluminum, for its light weight, strength, and corrosion-resistance. It’s also relatively easy to work with, allowing our team to make signs to any shape or size. Other metals we make signs out of are stainless steel and iron; that said, you can ask our team to make signs out of virtually any metal.

    What is a metal sign board?

    Metal sign boards are exactly that—signboards made of a metal like aluminum or stainless steel. The backing plate, made of metal, is used to hold the sign letters in place. The sign letters can be made of vinyl, acrylic, or metal. There are a lot of lighting options you can choose from for metal signboards, so talk to our team before you finalize the design.

    What are most metal signs made of?

    Most metal signs are made from metals such as aluminum, though some can also be made out of iron. Aluminum is the most popular metal used for signs becauseit’s cost-effective, durable, attractive, and customizable. Our team can make virtually any shape and design out of aluminum.

    How do you make a metal sign?

    The first step in making a metal sign is finalizing the design; once you give the go-ahead, we start prepping the metal sheets. Our team cuts and folds the metal sheets to the desired shape and size, and constructs the housing. We then install lighting inside the housing and seal the sign to protect against water damage. Your sign is now ready to install.

    How long do metal signs last?

    Expect your metal signs to last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, with a little bit of care and servicing. That said, the longevity of your sign depends on where it’s installed and the conditions it experiences. If you see signs of water damage or premature wear and tear, get in touch with our team immediately.

    How do you stick a metal sign?

    We’ll assume you‘re talking about small metal signs that can be installed on doors and on the wall. We prepare our metal signs with an adhesive strip on the back of the sign; simply peel off the protective backing and paste the sign on the surface. Make sure the surface is clean otherwise the adhesive will not last very long.

    Can metal signs go outside?

    Absolutely, metal signs make for stunning outdoor signs, especially when they’re used as storefront signs. Baltimore businesses looking to make their space look upscale invest in outdoor metal signs. To maximize the value of your sign, make sure you install LED lighting to go with it, and work with our team to design it.

    What gauge are metal signs?

    Metal signs can be made of 1/8” to 3/16” gauge metal, depending on where they’ll be installed and how large they’re going to be. Indoor signs typically use a thinner gauge of metal because they’re not as large and don’t have to withstand high winds; outdoor signs use a thicker gauge to withstand the environment.

    What is the thickness of metal signs?

    Metal signs can range anywhere from 1/8” thickness to 3/16” thickness, depending on the type of metal you’re getting, where you’re installing the sign, and the conditions it’s going to experience. It can be tempting to go with a thicker gauge of metal, but that may be unnecessary and can increase the cost of the sign without offering any real benefit.

    How much does a metal sign cost?

    Small indoor metal signs, such as door plaques, start from as little as $50, and large outdoor metal signs can cost over $10,000. The cost of a metal sign depends on the size, style, lighting options, and a variety of other factors. Talk to our team to find options that add value to your sign and avoid ones that just inflate the cost.

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