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Interior signage has the power to transform people’s experience within your Baltimore business — for the better. After your outdoor signs have done their job in helping people find your location, your indoor signs take over. From the moment customers, clients, vendors, and guests step inside your facility; your signage can offer a warm welcome and direct them where they need to go. From there, signs can be used to promote your brand, share critical information, and create a space that’s attractive and welcoming. If you’re not sure which types of interior business signs will deliver on these objectives, Baltimore Signsmiths can help. You can put your trust in our well-trained team to offer professional advice when it comes to outfitting your business with signage. As an interior sign maker in Baltimore, we offer design and installation for a wide range of impressive signs that will assist people in your facility and showcase your company. Reach out to us at 443-205-1205 to request a quote on interior signs, and indoor office signs.

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    What is Interior Signage?

    Signs within your facility can take on many forms, placements, materials, and design options. They can act as an extension of your brand. That’s why many Baltimore businesses choose custom interior signs. This type of signage allows for complete personalization, whether you want to display your company logo or tie in specific fonts, colors, and images.

    With this individual touch, no matter where your signs are placed, they will create an additional touchpoint for your company. People will be sure to recognize that you’ve gone the extra mile to create unique signage that offers them a helping hand and complements the décor in your facility.

    Types of Interior Signage

    There is a wide range of options to choose from, along with the many uses for interior signs. To help account for the cost of interior signs that will align your business, consider the journey of someone who enters your business. At your entrance, lobby signs can provide a warm welcome and help to introduce your brand as soon as people arrive. Additional signs in your lobby can also offer information and directions if you want guests to take certain actions when they enter.

    For multi-tenant facilities in Baltimore, directory signs can list occupants and locations so that people know where to find you. Wayfinding signs can point them in the right direction and be used throughout the building to offer guidance with navigation. When it comes to labeling areas of your Baltimore business, restroom signs and door signs are key to identifying locations that people are looking for.

    If you’re looking to add style or flair to your space and showcase marketing messages, signs such as wall murals, banners, vinyl signs, and many more options are ideal choices. They can also help establish a mood for your business, whether you’re looking to add vibrancy or present a refined look with interior office signs.

    Contact Baltimore Signsmiths for Indoor Signs in Baltimore

    For high-quality signage options and a custom approach, Baltimore Signsmiths is your trusted partner. Our team is well-trained in signage design and installation so that you get premium products to deliver on your objectives. Simply contact us to get started with indoor signs near you. We look forward to learning more about your company and how our signage solutions can take your business to the next level.

    Reach out to us at 443-205-1205 to request a quote on interior signs.


    Where can I use indoor signs?

    There are dozens of indoor signs to choose from and you can use them virtually everywhere around the workplace. Our customers install signs in the lobby, on doors (such as to bathrooms), on walls for branding, and to comply with safety regulations. Over the last few years, we’ve even seen a lot of demand for home-office signs.

    What are the benefits of indoor signs for businesses?

    Indoor signs are used for branding the workplace, improving the visitor experience, growing sales, boosting employee morale, and complying with safety regulations. However, to get the most value from indoor signs, it’s advisable you work with experienced signage professional. For instance, when you book a free, on-site consultation with us, we’ll assess your space and recommend signs that suit your goals and budget.

    What are business branding signs?

    These are signs used for displaying or promoting the business’s branding elements. Some signs you can choose from include:

    • Environmental graphics:Deck out your office in your business’s colors and branding.
    • Video walls:Display corporate and product videos to build brand awareness.
    • Lobby signs:Display your business name and logo at the entrance.

    There are dozens of other business branding signs you can choose from for your space and needs.

    What are lobby signs used for?

    The lobby is one of the first major touchpoints of a business and you need to make the right impression. That’s where lobby signs are vital. They display the business’s name and branding proudly, show directions around the premises, and generally improve the visitor experience.

    Not sure what types of signs you should get for the lobby? Talk to us and find out how you can create a stunning lobby while staying within budget.

    How to use indoor ADA signs?

    Indoor ADA signs are all about accessibility—they need to be installed at the right place, have the right design, and provide the right information. We recommend not trying to install ADA signs yourself because the Americans with Disabilities Act has a lot of guidelines and it’s easy to get confused.

    Should we change indoor signs every season?

    Yes and no. Some signs, such as large lobby signs, branding signs, door signs, and emergency signs shouldn’t be changed every season. However, signs such as wall murals, window signs, and other banners should be. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to replace, and a great way to get your space into the mood.

    Types of indoor signs in offices?

    There are dozens of indoor signs you can get for your office. Some of the most popular with customers are:

    • Lobby signs
    • Wall murals
    • Corridor signs
    • Display walls
    • ADA signs
    • Emergency signs

    Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve; that will help design the sign and choose the ideal one for your office.

    Which indoor signs work as navigation?

    Wayfinding signs, also called directional signs, are ideal navigation signs for an office. These can be things such as:

    • Door signs
    • Arrow signs
    • Ceiling signs
    • Directory signs
    • Floor graphics
    • Wall decals
    • ADA signs

    Our advice: don’t just go with standard templates, give your wayfinding signs interesting designs to excite visitors.

    What type of vinyl is used for indoor signs?

    We use different types of vinyl for different types of signs. For instance, Oracal’s 451 vinyl is great for banners, but 3M’s Envision wrap is better-suited for wall murals. Our team chooses the most appropriate vinyl for your application, balancing durability and cost.

    Tell us if you have any special requests and we can source that type of vinyl too.

    Where can I get the best indoor signs in Baltimore, MD?

    This is going to sound immodest but we believe Baltimore Signsmiths is the best place for indoor signs in Baltimore. You will work with a friendly, professional team that’s committed to delivering value. We guide customers through the entire process, from design to installation, making the process of getting indoor signs completely hassle-free.

    Book a free consultation and tell us about your needs.

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