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Your brand is one of the most valuable aspects of your business. Your customers have come to associate it with quality and service, and it should always be prominently displayed. The care put into branding and displaying your logo and company name can directly impact sales and the perceived quality of your offerings.

When businesses contemplate commercial signs in Baltimore, MD, they turn to Baltimore Signsmiths for their quality and expertise in advancing their customers' brands.

What Are Commercial Signs?

Commercial signs would include any signage a business uses for any purpose, including demarcating parking spots, interior branding, or a menu board. All commercial signs represent who you are and your brand identity, even if they are office wayfinding signs.

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    Types of Commercial Signs

    Commercial business signs encompass a wide variety of mediums displayed inside or outside the business or even at job sites, trade shows, or on vehicles. Each sign has a purpose, and each has a medium that best suits it.

    The most common mediums used for commercial business signs would be:

    The types of signs used by businesses include:

    • Exterior channel lettering
    • Vehicle wraps
    • Interior signs for room designations
    • Interior logos
    • Menu boards
    • Wall murals
    • Trade show displays
    • Storefront signs
    • Parking
    • Banners
    • Floor graphics
    • Safety signs

    If there is a need to say something or direct someone, there is a sign to fit the need, and quality is a must.

    Great commercial sign companies understand the diverse needs of businesses, the looks that fit each use, how to maximize your brand, and what medium provides the best look and functionality. They advise on placement, handle needed permitting, and tailor a consistent look throughout the company.

    Businesses in Baltimore, MD choose Baltimore Signsmiths due to years of expertise in serving companies. We consult with clients to identify needs, formulate the appearance, and provide solutions. First and foremost, Baltimore Signsmiths dedicates itself to enhancing brand value for clients. You've worked hard to back up your brand with service and quality and deserve the same from your company's signage.

    A Baltimore Sign Company that You Can Trust

    Whether it's time for new business signs or a brand refresh, our team is ready to help you with the types, placements, sizes, and designs that maximize your exposure and brand value. Whether your need is a trade show banner or exterior sign that captures eyeballs, Baltimore Signsmiths has you covered.
    Contact us today for a free consultation for your Baltimore custom commercial signs needs, and let's maximize your brand.

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