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These are signs that help Baltimore businesses create a professional and modern appearance. Acrylic business signs are made of durable, transparent polymer material. They are the ideal alternative for classic glass signs, as they are lighter and more affordable.

Choosing these signs can give your space a professional makeover. Acrylic is a premium and ideal option for any store or office. This creates a bold and memorable first impression on your customers.

Baltimore Signsmiths offers a wide range of designs and printing options for your signage needs. Our signs are carefully crafted to match your brand and messaging.


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    As your trusted acrylic sign maker in Baltimore, we deliver sign solutions for:

    • Retail stores
    • Offices
    • Law firms
    • Hospitals
    • Doctor's clinics
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Event venues
    • Schools

    Let us know about your business requirements today. Our sign experts in Baltimore have years of experience creating attractive signs for your needs, including frosted acrylic business signs. Contact us at 443-407-8563 for a free consultation.

    Types of Acrylic Signs

    The cost of acrylic signs depends on a variety of factors. This includes the type, design, and a number of signs for your business needs. To get you started, here are some options:

    1. Standard Surface Printing: This type has the design printed on the front face of the acrylic panel. This creates an attractive, matte finish. Businesses usually use these as indoor acrylic wall signs.
    2. Second Surface Acrylic Sign Printing : Also called subsurface printing, this has the design mirror-printed at the back of the acrylic. This type of plexiglass sign in Baltimore has a glossy finish.
    3. Clear Acrylic Signs: These give a sleek and modern corporate look to your signs. They have a clean, glass-like appearance with a high-gloss finish. It’s transparent, lightweight, and shatter-free, making it the best alternative to glass signs.
    4. Frosted Acrylic Signs: These signs have a translucent, frosty appearance. It is an ideal choice if you want to reduce glare, increase privacy, and diffuse harsh lights.

    Uses of Acrylic Signs

    Business owners continue to choose plexiglass in Baltimore. This is because of the many ways they can be used to benefit your business. Let’s look at how custom acrylic signs are a worthwhile investment.

    Acrylic Office Signs

    The professional look of acrylic makes it perfect for a variety of office signs. This includes:

    1. Lobby Signs – acrylic wall signs printed with your business name and logo.
    2. Wayfinding Signs – signs that are mounted directly on the wall or hung from the ceiling to give directions to your customers.
    3. Office Door Signs – door plaques, door numbers, changeable inserts, and more.
    4. Office Directories – display location information in multi-tenant buildings with acrylic signs. For offices, this eliminates any confusion, ensuring visitors and deliveries can find you quickly.

    Restaurant and Retail Signs: Acrylic panels are not the only option when it comes to custom acrylic signs. Acrylic sheets can be laser-cut into different shapes and forms. This creates a fantastic dimensional sign perfect for business use. Baltimore businesses often use these as attractive restaurant or storefront signs.

    Restaurants also use acrylic panels as effective menu boards. These are placed on the walls or behind kitchen counters.

    Custom Acrylic Office Signs: Offices or businesses that need additional privacy use frosted plexiglass signs. Acrylic office signs can be used on outdoor windows or indoor glass walls. Clinics, banks, and other industries handling sensitive information benefit from these signs.

    Advantages of Custom Acrylic Signs

    Why choose acrylic signs? Baltimore, MD, is a thriving city with a diverse business culture. Professional signage is a vital component to build your reputation and reach new customers. Working with a professional sign company ensures your project will meet our high standards. When considering acrylic, it’s important to note the advantages they offer that other types of signage do not, such as:

    · Indoor and Outdoor Signage Options: The signage options are endless with acrylic. From illuminated channel letters to professional office signs, the unique properties of acrylic make it suitable for a wide range of acrylic sign projects.

    · Long-Lasting Solutions: Unlike glass, acrylic resists shattering and breakage. These signs endure everything, including daily wear and changing weather conditions. Once installed, acrylic signs require minimal maintenance to stay looking fresh.

    · Customized to Your Needs: When you’re looking for “custom acrylic signs near me,” call the experts at Baltimore Signsmiths. Acrylic is a highly customizable material, which means a wide range of colors, shapes, and finishes to choose from. The options don’t stop there – we can also install your sign for maximum impact. Whether you need an informative wall sign or a bold building sign, we’re ready to help.

    · Cost-Effective Signage: Compared to other materials, acrylic is an affordable choice. We’ll work with your budget to create a sign that will help you reach your goals and invest in your business.

    The Best Acrylic Business Signs in Baltimore, MD

    Stop Searching for  acrylic signs "near me."  Baltimore Signsmiths has an experienced team of sign experts committed to producing high-quality sign solutions for your business. We only use the best polymer materials and premium UV ink to create durable, vibrant signs that last.

    Whether you need frosted wall signs or clear acrylic, we can help! Call us at 443-205-1205 to get a free consultation with our sign experts in Baltimore.


    Acrylic Signs FAQ

    What is an acrylic sign?
    An acrylic sign is made from a substance that is plastic-like, often referred to by the trade names of Plexiglass or Lucite. It is a popular choice for custom signs and is used for both exterior and interior signage. Acrylic is used by itself or incorporated into signs with other components.
    Why is acrylic used in signs?
    Custom signs in Baltimore are often made from acrylic because they can stand up to our weather in many different uses. It is often the ideal choice thanks to its affordability, lightweight, durability, and flexibility.
    How much does an acrylic sign cost?
    Custom signs in Baltimore are often made from acrylic because they can stand up to our weather in many different uses. It is often the ideal choice thanks to its affordability, lightweight, durability, and flexibility.
    How long do acrylic signs last?
    Acrylic signs are extremely durable and will last for years with the proper care. An acrylic panel of .125” thickness can withstand up to three times the impact of standard double-strength window glass. Acrylic stands up to weather well and resists the chipping and peeling found in other materials such as wood and glass.
    Are acrylic signs waterproof?
    Not only is acrylic waterproof, but it also repels and sheds water easily when the surface is clean. Acrylic can be submerged without any loss in integrity or damage. This makes the material a superior choice for many specific applications.
    Are acrylic signs durable?
    As noted in the above facts, acrylic is extremely durable. The acrylic components of a sign will deliver years of dependable service with minimal care and cleaning.
    Can acrylic signs be used outdoors?
    These characteristics make acrylic signs a smart choice for use outdoors and in areas exposed to the weather. Acrylic is lightweight compared to many materials and is impact resistant. It can also be ordered in multiple colors. These factors make it useful with outdoor signs.
    Does acrylic turn yellow?
    Most acrylic used for signs is treated with an ultra-violet stabilizer. This UV protection protects against yellowing for up to ten years or more. Simple cleaning with the designated cleaners will extend the effectiveness of this protection.
    How thick should acrylic signs be?
    One advantage of acrylic is its availability in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. When you rely on the team at Baltimore Signsmiths for your sign needs, they will recommend the precise thickness that best suits your needs for each sign.
    Is acrylic a plastic?
    It is a type of plastic, but it was developed as a unique product to provide the characteristics that provide high durability and affordability.

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