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Best Outdoor Wall Decals in Baltimore, MD

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Business establishments in Baltimore that want to increase brand reinforcement, employee morale, and customer engagement should invest in top-grade vinyl wall graphics to achieve said goals. Enhancing your walls with the best wall decals & create a unique and unforgettable ambiance that can positively influence your customers' purchase decisions, brand preferences, and overall perception of your company.

Unlike murals that cover the wall from end to end, wall stickers go in specific, strategic areas of your office, store, shop, or facility.

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    What is a Wall Decal?

    • Wall signs are specially engineered from top-quality vinyl or PVC that is incredibly resistant to color fading, tears, scratches, and other minor damages. Unlike traditional wall paint which requires several layers and many labor hours, vinyl wall decals & stickers only need half the effort and time to install. In other words, you can update your space as frequently as you like, depending on the season or occasion.

    Types of Wall Decals in Baltimore

    • Wall cutouts: They are the most common decals for walls. You can have them specially customized to fit your establishment in Baltimore or to complement your interior or exterior design.
    • Traditional decals: These business wall graphics are manufactured from heavy-duty PVC plastic and usually come in a single color.
    • Block-cut vinyl: If you prefer to invest in vibrant and visually appealing decals for walls, block-cut office wall graphics are your best option. They come in a wide array of textures and finishes, including metallic, mirror, and glittery.
    • 3D decals: Do you want to make a positive and lasting impact on customers? You can add fun optical illusions in your commercial space through custom wall decals in Baltimore. Having them will surely boost your foot traffic and competitive edge. Talk to our team today to learn more.

    Uses of Wall Decals for Your Baltimore-Based Business

    Known for their versatility and eye-catching qualities, vinyl decals for walls are fantastic visual marketing tools that represent your Baltimore brand and effectively get your message across to your target audience.

    Listed below are some of the most recommended applications of wall decals in Baltimore: 

    • Promote products and services.
    • Advertise corporate activities and events.
    • Tell the story of the company’s history, mission vision, or core values.
    • Recognize the efforts and hard work of your stellar employees.
    • Designate specific areas or facilities for activities.
    • Display seasonal greetings and designs to amplify your customers’ moods.
    • Create a unique and unforgettable ambiance with graphics and messages.

    Wall Decal Printing in Baltimore, MD

    Searching for "wall graphics near me"? 

    Baltimore Signsmiths produces premium-quality vinyl decals for different facilities in the area. By using top-grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to maintain the quality of all our products. As industry experts, we understand how vital it is to create customized solutions for each client. That is why we work hard to understand your goals and uncover your hidden needs to ultimately develop design and signage strategies that add value to your business.

    Baltimore Signsmiths is also home to some of the best wall graphic installers in Baltimore. Thanks to their meticulousness and skills, your decals will not have any rips, bubbles, or other imperfections. Choosing us as your signage partner means your time, effort, and resources are respected and used wisely to get you the best results.

    Do you want to get a better idea of the cost of wall decals in Baltimore? Talk to us today to get a free quote.


    Are wall decals easy to remove?

    Yes, removing wall decals is easy—if you know what you’re doing. Using a heat gun (at a low setting) or a hair dryer, warm up the wrap; this will soften the adhesive. Start by gently lifting one edge of the decal, using a small object like a paper knife or a nail (but be careful!). After that, slowly peel the rest of the wrap.

    However, we recommend that you ask us to remove them for you.

    What is the purpose of a decal?
    Businesses use wall decals for a wide range of reasons, including branding, décor, advertising, and privacy. Make sure you know exactly why you’re getting the decal because that will help you optimize it. Not sure how to use decals around your premises? Talk to an expert signage professional today.
    What's the difference between a decal and a sticker?
    Think of decals as stickers, only stronger, smarter, and sturdier! Stickers are usually made of paper and come with weak glues meaning they fade fast and don’t last very long. Vinyl decals use strong adhesives and fade-resistant glues for long-lasting performance. The best part—decals can be customized with your branding and message.
    How are wall decals applied?

    Applying wall decals is a three-step process:

    Step 1: Make sure the wall is free of debris, dust, and peeling paint.

    Step 2: Peel the protective backing and gently past the decal while using a squeegee (or a credit card) to squeeze out air bubbles.

    Step 3: Gently take off the protective front sheet.

    5. Do wall decals ruin the wall?

    If anything, wall decals protect walls from scuffs and scratches. Our wall decals use safe adhesives that don’t leave marks or damage the paintwork when you remove them (even after many years).

    Make sure the paint is not peeling before applying the decal, otherwise, it will come off when you remove it.

    Are wall decals removable?

    Absolutely, wall decals can be removed easily, without any special tools. If you have a heat gun or hairdryer, it can make the process of removing the decal much easier as heat softens the adhesive.

    If you’re not feeling confident about removing wall decals yourself, talk to us for more tips and tricks.

    Are wall decals waterproof?
    Waterproof may be a bit of a stretch, but wall decals certainly are water-resistant. That means they should survive minor spills and splashes without damage. Simply use a soft dry cloth to wipe the decal clean gently. If you let water sit on the decal for long periods, it can fade inks or cause the vinyl to warp.
    Can vinyl wall decals be washed?
    Vinyl wall decals can be wiped clean using a lightly moist cloth, though it’s best to do it infrequently. Beware! Avoid using harsh cleaners or sprays on the wrap as these contain corrosive chemicals that will damage the material. Pressure washing decals is a strict no-go, as is excessive scrubbing.
    How many types of wall decals are there?

    There are many types of wall decals you can get, including:

    • Vinyl wall stickers
    • Wall lettering
    • Custom wall graphics
    • Wall murals
    • Photo decals
    • Privacy decals

    We stock a wide variety of vinyl colors and finishes, too, making it easy for you to get just the right look.

    Where I can get the best wall decals & graphics in Baltimore, MD?
    We know you’ll get some of the best wall decals and graphics in Baltimore, MD right here at Baltimore Signsmiths. You’ll work with experienced professionals who spend time understanding your needs. We only use high-quality vinyl from suppliers like 3M and Oracal for that premium finish and long-lasting performance.

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