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November 14, 2021

5 Important Things to Know About Interior Signs

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Signage is a big part of any business. They are effective message boards, delivering important information to customers and visitors. Whether indoors or outdoors, they help your facility in more ways than one.

Indoor signs, in particular, are crucial for creating a positive experience for your customers. They are your silent sales and customer service representatives. Signs help make each visit more convenient.

Are you a new business that needs signs? Or an existing business looking to update your old ones? Before searching for an interior signs company “near me,” get to know more about indoor signs.

Custom interior signs in Baltimore come in a variety of options.

There is a wide range of indoor sign options that you can choose from. This depends on the type of business you have and your specific needs. Each sign option functions in different ways to help your business. Here are some basic examples:

  1. Lobby Signs
  2. Wayfinding Signs
  3. Wall Graphics & Murals
  4. Door Signs

Some indoor signs need to be ADA-Compliant.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has certain guidelines that businesses have to follow. These guidelines include specific design elements that should be included in your signs. For example, permanent spaces should have signs that include grade 2 braille.

For this reason, it is crucial to choose an experienced interior signs maker in Maryland. They’ll be able to guide you through knowing which signs should follow ADA standards.

They help improve brand awareness and recognition

Indoor signs don’t just help give out information. They are also the perfect opportunity to build more awareness for your brand. Luckily, custom interior signs in Baltimore can be designed specifically for your needs.

Instead of plain designs, you can include branding elements in your signs. This can include your business’ theme, colors, and logo. Each time customers see your signs; it will remind them of who and what your business is.

Interior signs display important messages.

Signs help provide customers with information without the need for an actual person. This information can include:

  • Identification
  • Directions
  • Product or service features
  • Ads and promotions

These signs help you make a memorable impression.

Indoor signs do more than their practical functions. From the moment customers walk in, your signs work to create a memorable experience for them.

Lobby signs welcome visitors to your space. Wayfinding signs make your facility easier to navigate. Wall graphics showcase your brand, products, and services. These can also be used to enhance your interior space.

Each of these signs makes customers feel more comfortable and confident about your business.

Experienced Interior Signs Company “Near Me”

Invest in the right indoor sign system today! Here in Maryland, businesses continue to trust Baltimore Signsmiths for their signage needs.

We are a full-service interior signs maker in Maryland. We deliver high-quality sign solutions for your business, offering a wide selection of interior signage. Our team aims to create signs that are not only functional but also enhance your space.

Give us a call today with your signage needs and we’ll give you a free quote!

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