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February 15, 2024

Crafting Brand Identity: Customizing Acrylic Signs for a Distinctive Presence

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What is the secret to an effective branding campaign? It’s not social media or investing in expensive TV commercials. The answer is custom signs! These products have a significant impact on your local target market to spread awareness about your business.

Known for its versatility and personalization, one of the most popular branding tools available is acrylic signs. This guide will cover how businesses can customize these signs to reflect their brand’s identity.


One of the reasons why acrylic signs are a popular option for branding is because they come in a range of transparencies. Transparent acrylic signage provides businesses with a modern and sleek look. These signs look similar to glass but are lightweight and shatter-proof.

Translucent options include frosted acrylic business signs, which offer the elegant appearance of frosted glass at a lower price.

Opaque acrylic signs are also available in a rainbow of standard and customized colors. With the unique transparency properties of these signs, brands can reflect their individual identity, whether it is minimalist and professional or bold and colorful.

Printing Process

For acrylic sign printing, two options allow brands to add unique designs to these products.

The first is surface printing, where the design is printed directly to the front of the acrylic sign face. The result is a custom design, in the company’s chosen colors, with a matte finish for the sign.

The second printing technique is called sub-surface printing. During this process, the design is printed on the back of a clear acrylic sign, giving the sign a glossy finish. This technique can also give the illusion that the design is suspended within the sign.

Both printing options create striking looks for signs and allow endless branding opportunities. Work with a professional sign company to determine which is best for your project.


Are you ready to put the spotlight on your brand? Explore the potential of illuminated acrylic office signs. Incorporate bright LED lights in your preferred color to make a bold brand statement. Lighting has a strong connection to people’s emotions, so this feature can be used to communicate your brand’s personality and values. Furthermore, people are naturally drawn to light. Your sign will capture people’s attention and make a memorable impact with the addition of lighting.

Dimensional Signage

The final customization feature to consider is whether you will choose an acrylic wall sign made from a plexiglass panel or opt for dimensional signage.

Both options are highly effective for businesses and can be tailored to your needs. However, dimensional signage offers enhanced definition and depth, turning your branding into a 3D installation. This can make signs more noticeable, allowing them to connect with more people.

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