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July 14, 2023

5 Types of Custom Graphics Your Business Must Have

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Custom decals for windows are inexpensive, versatile, flexible, and high-impact signage solutions that business establishments use for numerous reasons. Listed below are some of them.

1. Decorative Full Window Wraps

If you don’t want to be that establishment that people often ignore or overlook, it is crucial that you put up the right signage solutions that make you stand out. For example, we can create Christmas-themed full window wraps to make your store look more fun, festive, and bright around the holidays. This simple tactic allows you to connect with your target audience on a personal level and help you become more noticeable in a sea of competitors.

2. Privacy Window Films

Do you have a medical clinic, law firm, or any other facility wherein clients need some sort of privacy? We highly recommend that you invest in privacy films to reduce the visibility of your establishment from the outside. We typically use tinted or frosted films and create different geometric shapes or other brand-related designs to match your business even more.

3. Promotional Window Graphics

Did you know that the storefront is one of the primary advertising spots in your facility? This is why if you want to make the most of the available space, you must also invest in vinyl window graphics to pique the interest of passersby and motorists.

For example, we can put up decals with the words “Up to 50% Discount on Selected Items”. This tactic immediately grabs the attention of leads and excites long-term patrons. As a result, they will be intrigued to learn more about your products, enter the establishment, tell about to other people, and even make a purchase.

4. Branding Vinyl Window Graphics

Does your cafe have a modern and minimalist ambiance? Does your store primarily sell Montessori toys for toddlers? Does your spa focus on offering Korean-inspired services? Whatever it may be, these unique brand qualities should be beautifully showcased on your custom graphics for business. This effectively reinforces your brand so that people can set it apart from others.

5. Clear Window Decals

Custom graphics for businesses are known for having transparent borders and backgrounds, making them perfect for simple designs or messages, such as small logos and business hours. Since your ads don’t obstruct much of the view from the outside, they are perfect for establishments that want passersby to get a sneak peek of your establishment’s interior.

Looking for Window Graphics Near You?

Baltimore Signsmiths is a leading supplier of visual communication tools in Baltimore. We take pride in having a team of talented and hardworking professionals who go above and beyond in every project we work on, regardless of the size or complexity.

Unlike other signage shops that simply print generic vinyl signs, we produce custom decals for windows that are made specifically to complement your interior or exterior design, branding requirements, marketing goals, and communication needs. As a result, you will be able to reap more valuable and quantifiable benefits for your business.

Book a consultation today to get started on your window film!

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