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January 19, 2024

Common Materials for High-Quality Wall Decals & Their Impact on Durabilit

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The creative and customization potential of vinyl wall decals makes them one of the most in-demand signage products for businesses. If you are starting to explore these products for your own company, you might be wondering about the materials available, as well as which are suitable for you. This guide will examine the different types of vinyl and their durability so you can feel confident in finding the right material for your project.

What Are Removable Wall Decals Made Of?

Most wall decals are made from a synthetic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). When plasticizers are added to PVC, the material becomes pliable.

One type of vinyl used in the production of wall decals is cast vinyl. This vinyl is thin, flexible, and customizable using specialized printers that add a design directly to the material's surface. Wall decal vinyl has an adhesive backing, similar to a sticker, for a seamless installation process. This adhesive will stick to any dry, smooth, and flat surface.

Another option is calendared vinyl, which is a thicker vinyl ideal for short-term uses. This vinyl is more resistant to scuffs and scratches but doesn’t adhere to uneven surfaces. Decals made from this type of vinyl will only last one to five years.

Decorative Vinyl Alternatives

The versatility of vinyl allows it to be available in many finishes and styles, including:

· Low Tack Vinyl: This type of vinyl uses a lower-grade adhesive for residential and temporary uses. This vinyl is easily removable without special tools.

· Chalkboard Vinyl: Create large-scale chalkboard surfaces to write and draw on with this specialized vinyl.

· Mirrored or Glitter Vinyl: Vinyl is available in many textures and finishes for specialty designs.

The durability of these vinyl options will vary depending on their use and installation location.

The Durability of Vinyl Wall Stickers

Overall, vinyl wall stickers are a durable and long-lasting signage option, but this can vary depending on the type of vinyl used.

Cast and PVC vinyl are considered the industry standard and will last for years or until you remove it. These types of vinyl conform exactly to wall surfaces, creating a firm seal around every bump and groove for a more secure installation. Vinyl is also resistant to water spills, but these should be cleaned immediately, as prolonged moisture exposure could damage the material.

Calendared vinyl decals are made from a thicker material that holds up better to scuffs and scratches, but their lifespan is shorter than cast vinyl decals. If you need a heavy-duty wall decal in a high-traffic area for temporary usage, calendared vinyl would be the best option.

Commercial Uses for Removable Wall Decals

Contact a professional custom signage company if you’re wondering how wall decals and graphics can benefit your business. These products are some of the most versatile and customizable signage available. Whether you need to upgrade the look of your business to improve the customer experience or want to incorporate personalized branding motifs, these products can help. Contact Baltimore Signsmiths to explore our selection, including:

· Murals

· Wallpaper stickers

· Wall decals and murals

Contact Baltimore Signsmiths for Custom Wall Decals

Baltimore Signsmiths is your local, full-service sign company that crafts custom communication tools for businesses. Our range of vinyl wall signage is perfect for companies looking to make a unique statement and connect with their target market. We guarantee the quality and durability of all our products to deliver signage that suits your business goals.

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