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January 5, 2022

How To Use Floor Graphics to Entice Customers?

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Customers are often bombarded with a lot of marketing materials. Everywhere they look, signs are there delivering all kinds of information. The number of signs around your establishment can make it challenging to catch the attention of your target customers.

For this reason, Maryland business owners are looking for unique ways to get the interest of their audience. One way to break the mold is using unused spaces around your store or office. And since people tend to look down while walking, your floor spaces are the perfect marketing real estate.

Using Vinyl Floor Graphics to Get Customers Interested

Floor signs and graphics are durable vinyl adhesives that can be applied to floor spaces. Unlike other types of vinyl graphics, they are thinner, waterproof, and are made to withstand heavy traffic. Also, custom floor decals use a non-skid material to prevent people from slipping.

They are an effective way to entice customers whether they are inside or outside your space. Here’s how you can use floor signs to your advantage.

Use floor graphics to lead customers to your establishment

Floor signs and graphics are a great way to point customers towards your business space. For example, you can get footprint graphics with your business name and logo on them. You can let the footprints lead customers to you!

These signs aren’t just eye-catching, they are also a unique feature that customers are sure to remember.

Custom floor decals can point customers to in-store deals and promotions

Did you know that 4 out of 5 first-time customers are more likely to make a purchase with a new brand if there’s an ongoing deal or discount? Make sure customers know where to find these deals by using vinyl floor signs.

You can provide arrows that help customers find where the latest deals are in various sections of your store.

Floor signs and graphics help you make a memorable impression

Having vinyl graphics on your floor spaces is a great opportunity for businesses to be creative. A unique, eye-catching design makes every customer visit a memorable one. You can also take advantage of free advertising when customers take photos of your floors and post them on social media platforms.

Offices, for example, can have a large graphic of their business name and logo by their entrance or lobby area. Bookstores can do a huge print of a storybook page with an insightful message that customers can’t help but take a picture of. The ideas are endless when it comes to getting customers excited about your business.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in Maryland

Dare to stand out with a sign that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Get vibrant vinyl floor graphics that get your business noticed today.

Here at Baltimore Signsmiths, we offer sign solutions that help businesses get ahead of the competition. Our sign makers can expertly design, create, and install eye-catching floor signs for your business. We use premium vinyl materials to ensure your signs are not only colorful but also long-lasting.

Give us a call today with your floor graphics needs and we’ll give you a free quote!

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