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June 4, 2023

How You Can Use LED Neon Signs To Increase Foot Traffic

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Back in the day, traditional neon signs were fabricated from glass tubes that were bent according to the design, filled with gas, and pumped with electricity. Despite their undeniable charm, there were many disadvantages to having these signs. They were extremely fragile, high-maintenance, and costly. They consumed a lot of electricity for a short lifespan and were fire hazards as well. But thanks to improvements and modernization of signage design and fabrication, you can use neon signs for your business without worrying about all of those things.

Listed below are some of the ways wherein you can utilize these signs to increase your foot traffic.

1. Use LED Flex Neon to Promote Your Business 24/7

What’s great about LED neon business signs is that they allow you to continuously advertise your brand, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Thanks to their amazing visibility, you can successfully pique the interest of passersby and motorists, and get ahead of surrounding competitors.

2. Welcome Guests With LED Neon Wall Signs

The right reception signs can create a positive first impression of your brand. If you want that to happen, our Baltimore team can create high-quality neon signage solutions that beautifully showcase your trademark, company name, slogan, and other brand-related elements.

3. Get Social Media Attention With Aesthetic LED Neon Signs

Nowadays, it’s common for consumers to visit establishments that have “Instagrammable” spots, facilities, or products. As a smart entrepreneur, you can capitalize on this trend by putting up LED flex neon signs that people will want to take pictures with and share on their respective social media accounts. Doing this will make your business the talk of the town and spark the curiosity of a wider audience. As your trusted LED neon sign company in Baltimore, we will work closely with you to produce designs that complement your interior or exterior building as well as the brand’s image.

4. Tell Consumers That You Are Open

By simply announcing that your business is open and ready to assist customers with the help of bold and vivid LED signs, you can already increase the amount of traffic inside the establishment.

5. Convey Your Unique Brand Personality

Consumers prefer businesses that they can connect with. One way that you can do this is by installing LED neon wall signs that somehow represent who you are. For example, we can produce signs that display inspiring words that bring a smile to one's face.

Top-Rated LED Neon Sign Company in Baltimore

Baltimore Signsmiths is a full-service custom signage company that focuses on producing excellent-quality visual communication tools that bring numerous benefits to clients. We stay away from low-grade materials, outdated techniques, and generic signage designs. Instead, our hardworking professionals take the necessary steps to ensure that you get fully customized solutions that add value to your business.

Are you ready to invest in premium neon signs for your business? Book a consultation today!

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