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March 2, 2023

Importance of ADA Signage to a Business

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Every business that serves the public needs ADA signage, regardless of size.

Most businesses use signage to communicate a particular message or direction to all their customers, including those with disabilities. For this reason, companies are legally required to have ADA-compliant signs.

The Americans with Disability Act passed in 1990 protects the population living with disabilities against discrimination in many public areas. As a result, businesses with compliant signs effectively and conveniently communicate their message to all customers regardless of disability status.

Business owners and employees must follow laws about how and where signs are displayed. However, some laws come with exemptions for companies or businesses with less than 15 employees.

Where Are ADA Signs Displayed?

Generally, signs are displayed at doorways of public buildings, stairwells, floors, all locations of restrooms, and all exit levels. These signs are also required in every permanent room and every elevator. They include ADA bathroom signs, ADA parking signs, and ADA wayfinding or directional signs.

In addition, this type of signage must be displayed in public accommodations that include:

• Restaurants and bars

• Hotels and theaters

• Shops and stores

• Recreational facilities

• Educational institutions

• Private museums

• Factories and warehouses

• Apartment and condo buildings

• Assembly areas

Note that signs must be strategically placed in areas that are easy to spot by people with limited vision and easy to be touched by the blind.

ADA Sign Exceptions

While every business open to the public must have ADA signs, not all signs must be compliant. Logo signs, brand signs, marketing or advertising signs, and temporary signs don’t have to adhere to sign guidelines.

Importance of ADA Signs to a Business

The importance of this type of signage goes beyond compliance with federal guidelines. Over 50 million people have disabilities in the United States. Having these shows your business understands the needs of the disabled and takes them equally seriously.

Other benefits of having ADA signs for interior use include:

Ease of accessibility

ADA signs will help your customers identify interior spaces that are permanent with ease. These signs provide relevant information that helps keep your customers and employees safe by giving them proper guidance and direction.

Make your customers feel welcome

From custom ADA braille signs to parking signs, ADA-compliant signage makes your customers and guests feel welcome when they easily navigate your permanent rooms in your business.

They help guests unfamiliar with your business find their way instead of wandering around. Locating restrooms, exits, and other rooms will improve your customers’ experience.

Shows your business values

Signs tailored for those with disabilities help visitors and customers interact with your business efficiently. This indicates your efforts to create a more inclusive community. Compliant signs make your property safer, showing your business values the employees’ and guests’ safety. They show your business’s commitment to inclusion and excellent customer service.

ADA-Compliant Signs in Baltimore Baltimore Signsmiths will help you design and display signs that suit the needs of the public and your business. Our team of experts will help you identify relevant ADA signs your business requires to be compliant. We will also specially design signs representing your business brand while supporting your goals and customers’ needs.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss your ADA signage needs.

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