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March 28, 2023

Know How Effective Hanging Business Signs Are

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Hanging signs are among the most versatile types of business signage. They may be attached to a pole, wall, or awning or hung from a ceiling. Business signs can promote branding, identify your business location, entice customers to enter your premises or provide vital information to visitors. Here are a few top reasons not to overlook hanging signs for your business:

Hanging Signs Can Be Used Indoors and Out

One common indoor application for hanging signs is drawing attention to promotions in retail stores. Another is using acrylic hanging signs to provide wayfaring information in shopping complexes, office buildings, or other public places, for example, hospitals, airports, and trade fairs. Custom outdoor hanging signs are often used at the roadside for promoting festivals and other high-profile events. When attached to a street-facing wall, a hanging blade sign is excellent for promoting a business to pass pedestrian traffic.

Hanging Signs Are Cost-Effective

Because dangling business signs are often flat, they don’t require as much raw material as a channel sign, monument sign, or other dimensional signage. Also, while more exotic materials can be used, many hanging signs are made from inexpensive options like vinyl, acrylic, foam core, and corrugated plastic.

Hanging Signs Are Versatile

Cost is one of many important factors. Other considerations include the types of weather conditions the sign will be exposed to and how much weight the support for the sign will be able to carry. This is another reason the material choice is essential. Because of their lightweight, vinyl hanging banners can be easily made to any required size and may convey anything from a simple company logo to detailed information.

Hanging Signs Can Promote Your Brand 24/7

A blade sign or hanging awning sign in front of your business will alert passers-by to your location and can promote your brand identity 365 days a year. Both these sign types can be illuminated, making your business visible to night traffic too. Custom LED neon signs are eye-catching, energy efficient, and excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

Attention-Grabbing Hanging Sign Ideas

• Local government organizations:

Attach banners bearing important messages to pedestrian overpasses or brighten up a row of dull street light poles with colorful flags promoting an upcoming community event.

• Trade show participants:

Hang a square banner (4-sided, with your company details on each side) above your booth and attract attention from all directions.

• Store owners:

Gain an advantage over the competition by installing an illuminated blade sign to make your business stand out at all hours.

• Corporate offices:

Ensure you comply with regulations and impress your clients with easy navigation by installing hanging signage to provide directions and identify critical areas and facilities.

There are many options when it comes to selecting a hanging sign. With so many choices available, it can be challenging to know which is best. If you need expert help with hanging signs in Baltimore and surrounding areas, contact Baltimore Signsmiths today.

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