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December 19, 2023

Storefront Signs You Should Choose

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Storefront signs are one of the most significant marketing investments a business can make. These signs do more than display your business name and logo. They introduce your company to customers and shape their perception of the quality of your product or service offerings.

Because of their importance, it can be challenging to determine which sign is right for your business. That’s why a professional sign company is a necessary partner! They will work with you to find a sign that aligns with your goals and brand identity. In preparation for your consultation, this guide highlights the key characteristics of popular storefront signs to help you find one that fits your needs.

Lighted Storefront Signs

Are you ready to put your business in the spotlight? With brilliant, illuminated signs, it will be impossible to ignore your storefront. These signs are ideal for restaurants, entertainment venues, medical centers, or any other business that operates at night. The inviting glow created by these signs will encourage customers to enter, while also providing a practical wayfinding function.

Besides their advantages at night, lighted storefront signs can give your business a competitive edge by helping it get noticed in saturated shopping areas. Whether you choose a cabinet sign, LED sign, or illuminated logo sign, these products are perfect for any business looking to enhance its visibility.

Channel Letter Storefront Signs

Channel letters are one of the most popular storefront options because of their bold and distinctive style. These signs feature three-dimensional letters crafted from acrylic and metal. They also have a hollow design that allows for interior lighting elements. With channel letters, it’s even possible to recreate your business logo, which provides storefronts with an unmistakable business identity. If you’re searching for an eye-catching and instantly recognizable storefront sign, channel letters are the answer.

Storefront Window Signs

Storefront window signs are an alternative signage method to traditional building signs. These signs can also supplement the information on your primary business sign to keep customers informed. Either way, window signs are a valuable investment that allows businesses to maximize their advertising space.

Window graphics and film, hanging signs, and vinyl banners are some examples of storefront window signs. Whether you need additional signage for short-term use, such as promoting a sale, or you want to create an immersive storefront display, these products can bring your vision to life.

Custom Storefront Signs

Do you have a unique signage concept for your storefront? It’s time to partner with a professional sign company to transform your imagination into reality. Full-service sign companies have the knowledge, tools, and resources to work with clients on custom storefront signs. Custom signs give you the power to fine-tune every detail and incorporate the design elements you want. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your sign will be crafted with quality materials by dedicated experts. Unleash your creativity and contact a sign company to start your original project today.

Looking for Business Storefront Signs?

Baltimore Signsmiths is your local expert specializing in innovative storefront solutions. We offer all types of storefront signs to help businesses promote their brand and put their location on the map. Ensure your business makes a positive first impression with customers with a professional storefront sign.

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