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March 5, 2023

Types of Door Signs You Should Use in Offices

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Door signs may initially seem like an insignificant aspect of your Baltimore office. They’re a must-have for any workplace as a functional indicator for employees, visitors, and others. Knowing more about the types of office door signs can help you choose which is best for your space.

Person’s name

Whether there are one or two employees in your office or dozens, displaying a person’s name on their office door can be beneficial for identifying who is using the room. These types of signs are helpful for visitors and delivery persons who need to locate a specific individual, and for new employees who aren’t yet sure of everyone else’s names or office locations.

The sign can have one name or feature multiple names, such as in the case of a multi-specialty doctor’s office or lawyer’s office. Changeable office door signs are great for this purpose, allowing for easy removal of only the nameplate instead of the entire sign should an employee leave or move to another office.

Department name

Department name door signs are beneficial for displaying or identifying a department consisting of multiple employees. Some departments that typically need a special descriptive sign include human resources, finance, and sales. If the door is glass, adhesive vinyl door signs are practical for providing the necessary information without obstructing the view.

Directional signs

Directional signs in general are typically posted on hallway walls, but signs can also appear on office doors requesting not to use that particular door. For example, a sign may say, “Please use other door” or “Please use back door.” It provides guidance to those uncommon with the office’s access points or demonstrates that the specific door is temporarily out of use. Hanging door signs are a great option as they can easily be removed when the door it’s on is back in use.

Room number

Room number door signs are often associated with hotels and apartments, but they can also be helpful in offices. A person can easily find a room they’re looking for when the numbers are in the proper order. Room numbers are usually fixed rather than removable.


Authorization office door signs indicate to individuals who is or isn't allowed within a specific area or room. For example, a sign may state “Staff Only” or “Employees Only Beyond This Point.” They’re useful for keeping people out of places where they're not supposed to be.

Room’s purpose

Door signs can designate the purpose of a room without someone having to walk into it or open its door. Popular room-specific office signs are break rooms, bathrooms, or storage rooms. Sliding door signs are useful for meeting rooms or conference rooms to signify if the room is occupied or available for use.

Door signage should be functional but also fit into the design aesthetic. Choosing the right one can enhance the look of the office rather than take away from it. Contact Baltimore Signsmiths for information about door signs that would be ideal for your space.

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