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February 28, 2023

Use Dimensional LetterS to Attract More Customer

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An attractive business sign can be the biggest motivator for passing motorists to visit your store. It can also ensure that customers who want to visit your store can find it amidst what might be dozens of other businesses placed on a busy road.

Dimensional letters and signs are customizable advertisements that also serve to identify your company's business and/or logo. You can attract more customers to your business by using dimensional sign letters in combination with lighting, window films, and other design features that help your signage stand out among the competition.

What Are Dimensional Signs?

Dimensional signs are signs that use 3-dimensional letters cut from materials such as metal, wood, or vinyl. Dimensional letters can be mounted or placed directly on a wall, door facing, or another surface to spell out your company name or slogan; 3D lettering isn't limited to just letters, either, as modern design tools are advanced enough to allow you to cut or mold materials into whatever shape or pattern you want.

Well-placed lighting and spatial effects can boost the impact of dimensional letters and help your business sign 'stand above' standard two-dimensional signage both literally and figuratively.

Attracting Customers With 3D Letters and Signs

3-dimensional letters can help you to attract customers, particularly if they are well-placed and complement the tone and style of your brand.

3D metal letter signs are a versatile and easy-to-customize style of dimensional letter that can bring more personality to your 3D signage and literally stick out to people passing by. Whether cut from a flat sheet of metal or created using a casted mold, dimensional metal lettering can be finished in a number of ways:

• Natural for an original look

• Polished for an increased shine or mirror-like effect

• Painted for color variety or aesthetics

• Oxidized for a rustic look

• Anodized for sturdiness and resistance to corrosion

Here are some more tips to encourage customers to visit with 3D letters.

Choose a good location for your sign. Outdoor dimensional signs should be placed between the building and the closest roadway. The sign should be tall enough to be seen from the road and over-parked vehicles.

Use lighting with your signage if possible. While not every business needs to have an illuminated sign to attract attention, backlit dimensional signs can create signage with a subtle, comforting glow that can encourage passersby to stop and visit.

Be creative and match your 3-dimensional letters to your brand's style and vision. You can do this by choosing colors and design elements that complement what you're selling. Wood 3D letters exude a sense of tradition and practicality, while 3D acrylic letters are colorful, and vibrant and exude a sense of fun and innovation.

When you're ready to see how dimensional letters and signs can help your business attract more customers, contact Baltimore Signsmiths.

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