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December 19, 2023

Why LED Neon Signs Hold Greater Appeal Than Conventional Neon Lights

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Many business owners who want to recreate a nostalgic atmosphere in their establishment turn to neon signs. These products were once the leading choice for illuminated signage. However, nowadays, professional sign makers encourage businesses to turn to cutting-edge LED neon signs.

LED signs offer businesses both aesthetic and practical benefits, making them a more attractive option than traditional neon. This article will highlight some key differences between the two options to help you determine the ideal choice for your company.

Explore the Design Options for LED Neon Signs

When you work with an LED neon sign maker, it’s possible to customize your sign to match your business logo or other graphics. LED neon signs use a flexible PVC tube that is easy to bend into a personalized sign. Traditional neon signs are made with fragile glass tubes that limit the designs available for these signs.

Besides the shape of these signs, LED signs have more color options. Currently, there are 18 LED colors available; if you can’t decide, it’s even possible to order a color-changing sign. With traditional neon signs, these colors are created using specific chemical gases, allowing for only a few color choices.

Need an Energy-Efficient Signage Product?

When considering an LED neon sign for your business, an essential feature of these signs is their energy efficiency. Not only will this save you money on your electricity bill, but it will also benefit the environment. LED lighting technology uses less energy but shines brighter than traditional neon signs. They also have a longer lifespan – it is estimated that LED neon signs last about 100,000 hours, while regular neon signs only last 10,000 hours. If investing in a long-lasting and quality sign is attractive to you, then LED neon signs are a clear choice.

Avoid Annoying Noises with Custom LED Signs

When people think of classic neon wall signs, the iconic “hum” or “buzz” they make may come to mind. While some people enjoy this noise's authentic, vintage ambiance, others find it irritating. If you’re in the latter group, there’s still a way to capture the retro essence of neon without enduring the noise. Custom LED neon signs are silent, making them the preferred choice for businesses that want a quiet environment.

LED Neon Signs Rank Higher for Safety

Many people are surprised to learn that traditional neon signs are made with chemical gases contained in glass tubes. A professional must install these signs, and regular service checks are required for safety. If these signs shatter, there is a risk of exposing people to harmful chemicals.

Today’s LED neon wall signs are much safer. They are durable, lightweight, shatter-proof, and don’t contain any harsh chemicals. If safety is a priority for you, these modern alternatives are the more attractive option.

Searching for an LED Neon Sign Company?

Baltimore Signsmiths is your local custom sign company specializing in custom LED neon signs. Whether you’re looking to incorporate an original interior accent or want to recreate a vintage storefront, our team will work with your vision to create a unique signage solution.

Get in touch with us to book your consultation and discover all the possibilities of LED neon signs.

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